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Brazil - Iguazu falls to Ilha Grande

Hello smile

So I have a trip to Brazil coming up and i'm just wondering, whats the best way to get from the iguazu falls to Ilha Grande?

I have a flight booked from Rio to Igauza, where I am staying for 2 nights. Then my plan is to go from Iguazu, to Ilha Grande, then Paraty, then back to Rio De Janeiro to fly home. My trip in total is 2 weeks so i am quite restricted on time.

Any help would be appreciated smile



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Re: Brazil - Iguazu falls to Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is an island, I think the best way is going back in Rio. The green bus is a bit pricey but arrange your transfer all the way to the island https://greentoadbus.com


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Re: Brazil - Iguazu falls to Ilha Grande

If you'll looking to travel over-land, it is about 22 hours, with a connection in Sao Paulo.  Since time is the factor, I would suggest nothing other than flying.

Ilha Grande is about 2hrs south of Rio or about 4hrs north of Sao Paulo.  Depending of flight costs/schedules, you could fly from Iguazua to either Sao Paulo or Rio de Janeiro, then take the bus from there.


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