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Indian visa confusion

Hi Buddies,

Can anyone give me some advice on Indian visas,
I have read so many pages from so called official websites / e-visa websites and other websites about which visa to get that I am so confused.

I will arrive in Delhi mid afternoon and then leave for Nepal the next day. I will spend all my time in Nepal until I fly home, which again I will only be in Delhi for a few hours before my flight back to UK.

Some websites suggest I do not need a visa because I am just "transit" in Delhi. However other websites say this is not possible unless I booked the flight straight from UK to Kathmandu (not as separate flights as I have done). Then other websites say I need a proper tourist visa.

From what I have read on some e-visa websites, I will need a double entry visa, but then on some forums I only need a single entry visa because my return trip I will not actually leave the airport (but this makes me think of the issues above with transit visas - and I will have to clear customs to check in again)

So really, really could do with some guidance (before my head explodes) haha


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Re: Indian visa confusion

ring or email the Indian embassy to clarify your situation


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Re: Indian visa confusion

Staying in "transit (area)" is usually only possible if you can check in your luggage until Kathmandu or you have only handlugagge and a online checkin to Katmandu.
There exists a transit via valid for 1 or 2 entries and 3 days in India and within 15 days of issue of the visa. you might have to get a second one in Nepal.
Tourist visa is valid for 1 or 2 entries and up to 180 days, e-visa is valid for 1 or 2 entries and 60 days.


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Re: Indian visa confusion

Nobody can say without knowing what your nationality is. But website of Indian consulate should have info.


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Re: Indian visa confusion

Ask at the Indian Embassy or Consulate,
Some of those visa websites only want to sell you a visum so their info is not really reliable


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Re: Indian visa confusion

Visit the official website of Indian embassy and read out the rules and regulation there.


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Re: Indian visa confusion

What’s your definition of “transit“? In case your flights are booked on separate tickets (i.e. one ticket from UK to India and a second ticket from India to Nepal), you’ll have to collect your luggage at Delhi airport. In this case you’d have to leave the transit area and require a visa – no matter if it’s just for a few hours. In case your flights back home are booked on separate tickets as well, a single-entry visa would not be sufficient.
Besides, please keep in mind that a change of terminals might be required when you check in your luggage at Delhi airport. In case you’ll have to exit the terminal of arrival, make sure that you carry a hard copy of your ticket. Otherwise they won’t let you enter the airport.

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