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Couch Potato
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amusing or annoying ?

Just got a lovely , helpful, advertising spiel spam message from  Erica about my trip to Bali with a complete insight into her company and the tailored travel and tour packages she can put together for me...I about fell over laughing

obviously her company does little to no market or target research

We are divers..we will be underwater ...or asleep LMAO

its a 10 day trip with 5 days of pre-paid diving and when the operator we booked with asked us what we would be doing on our ? free ? days our answer was ....MORE DIVING

Sorry Erica....you picked the wrong person to spam dear


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Re: amusing or annoying ?

Ignore the sender - or report as spam

There are a lot of spammers, checking every profiles looking to our furture destinations and try selling a tour package. I receive a few private  messages of these operators, I reported them as spam


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Re: amusing or annoying ?

I was looking at new blogs, and was surprised to see how many of them were ads of some sort. These spammers are a pain.


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Poquoson, Virginia
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Re: amusing or annoying ?

There is a forum devoted to fighting spam on the TravBuddy site:

The Spambuster Club

You can report profiles there and we all participate in reporting them as spam to get them removed from the site.


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