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Albania - Ferry / Theth Volbarna Trek - Advice

Hey guys, so we have a car and planning on driving up to the Albanian alps from Kranea camp in the south. We would like to drive up and stay 3-4 days in the north. What do you recommend?

1. Do we leave the car in Skhodar and take the ferry to fiernza or take the car with us?
2. Is there a way to incorporate East Kosovo on this trip even if just for a few hours
3. How do we get to Volbarna trek starting point to Theth
4. How long is the trek to Theth
5. How do we get back to Koman or Skhodar after the trek?
Is 3-4 days enough?

Thanks a lot guys smile


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Re: Albania - Ferry / Theth Volbarna Trek - Advice

I've done the ferry thing this year, though I did not go hiking.
To answer some of your questions:
1.) Drive from Shkodra to Koman (bad road) and board a ferry from Koman to Fierze. There is one per day. Check the recent info on: https://komanilakeferry.com/en/
Take the car onto the ferry as it is difficult to get arround otherwise.
I suggest you make reservation (a day or so ahead would be fine, I guess) and get to the port at least an hour before boarding. Just to be sure. We were there in May (did the other way, Fierze - Koman) and the ferry was completely full and we were quite glad that we booked the ferry two days back.
2.) I don't know from Valbona, but if you decide to return to Shkodra by road, not by ferry you might go to Kosovo towards Gjakova and Prizren (haven't been myself, so check the roads and border crossings). From Prizren, you have a great new road towards Albanian seaside and than you can continue towards Shkodra or elsewhere.
3.) After you dock in Fierze, drive towards Bajram Curri and than to Valbona. We have only got as far as Bajram Curri and the road until there is decent. I don't know how it is further on, but many of the cars in the town were 4x4s.
4.) maybe read this or something similar: https://www.nomadtravellers.com/hiking/ … ona-thethi
I remember there being plenty information, when I was doing my research.
5.) One option is the way you came, but I suggest going by road as the ferry will be less interesting the second time, and you will get to see some more interesting landscapes. But the first bit of road is a challenge. Be prepared for potholes, missing road segments, fallen rocks, goats, sharp turns and an average speed of 20-30 kph. We went to Fierze from the South, onto the new highway (that goes to Kosovo), left the highway before Reps and drove towards Gjegjan and Fushe Arrez (check google maps). But we do enjoy challenging roads (though our 2WD station wagon had no probles, just the driver has to pay extra atention). There was not much traffic.

I have no idea how much is enough time. You can see plenty in 3-4 days, but as I said, we haven't done any hiking.

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