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Nov. 1st-10th - San Fransisco and.....?

Hey everyone,

I just randomly booked a flight to SanFran with my parents to celebrate my graduation from med-school.
Seeing that its in the beginning of November (flights were too cheap to pass up) I was wondering if anyone has suggestions for things to do and how to do them?

I have been to the west coast before and mainly saw cities, I would love to explore some nature this time. Feasible in November? We arrive late on the 1st and fly out on the 10th in the early afternoon.

Seeing that this is a quick getaway - budget friendly options are appreciated.
I usually couch surf as I love meeting people but not sure that my parents find the idea as attractive as I do wink

Thanks so much for any suggestions.

Cheers from Holland,


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Re: Nov. 1st-10th - San Fransisco and.....?

If you are interested in nature and if would be able to drive, then you can consider Yosemite National park, which could take about 4hrs or more on road. You could probably spend a night in a place close to Yosemite area, do a day trip the next day and then return back.

And other option I could think of is Big Sur coastal region which is about 3hrs or so from San Francisco.

I have heard about day tours to these places from San Francisco, but those options are expensive and rushing trips.

--- Please check the weather conditions if you plan to visit Yosemite during early November. Be sure to check the Yosemite website before making the trip because there might be possibilities of some area closures based on the snow conditions. ---

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Re: Nov. 1st-10th - San Fransisco and.....?


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Re: Nov. 1st-10th - San Fransisco and.....?

The weather on the northern California coast is about the same all year around - cool and foggy.  It really only rains around January and you have to go into the central valley to get like hot and cold and snow and stuff.  We lived north of Monterey for two years and we ran the furnace every night. On the highway on the coast if there was a traffic light, there was a sign about 200 yards ahead of the light warning of the light because if it was foggy you wouldn't be able to see it until you got there.

Yosemite is a good idea, but even in the off season you will probably not be able to get reservations to stay in the park so close to the trip.  Yosemite is a National Park and the fee for it is $30.00 unless you are on foot, on horseback or with a tour (when the fee will probably be included).  There are other National Parks such as Muir Woods north of SF (fee $10) or Pinnacles (an area where there was an old volcano) which is $15.00 for a vehicle.

However there are also parks on the coast which can be visited.  Big Basin is a state park which has the coastal redwoods (they are taller and not as big around as the sequoia trees in Yosemite, but they are so big that they are awesome and the difference if you are on the ground isn't terribly great).  Parking is $10 per vehicle.  There are 80 miles of trails

There are a number of other state parks including You can get a Historic Annual pass for a car and up to 4 people for $50 which admits you to several of the parks like San Juan Batista which is one of the original California missions.  But it is probably better just to pay the fees for the parks that you go to.   Near San Juan Batista is Fremont Peak which has a $6.00 parking fee and also has trails - you can hike up the (small) mountain. 

https://www.google.com/search?tbm=lcl&a … 528!4f13.1

Going down to Big Sur isn't such a good option as the road is closed, but the Monterey area and Carmel by the Sea are both nice places to visit.


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Re: Nov. 1st-10th - San Fransisco and.....?

If you can rent a car for one day, drive to Napa Valley, you have a scenic drive on the way, is not only for wine tasting but the scenery is very beautiful. On your way see the Old Faithful Geyser, I have been to San Francisco beginning of november to december- the weather is chill but sunny


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Re: Nov. 1st-10th - San Fransisco and.....?

Sonoma county and wine country!

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