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Iceland tours

Hello ......I am going to be in Reykjavik in September, I was looking up to book some tours. Can some one suggest some good tours companies and not very expensive smile There are so many tours out there so some first hand suggestion would be most helpful. Thank you in advance !!


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Re: Iceland tours

I have no experience with tour agency in Iceland, we rent a car during our trip. Most hotels in Reykjavik arrange tours, you may wait to book a tour when you get there.


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Re: Iceland tours

most of the tour have similar route and price and it is expensive.  You can book the tour from the hotel you are staying.  We booked it from the hotel when we were there, but I do not remember the name of the agency of the tour we book.  It was good.


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Re: Iceland tours

I booked a day tour from my hotel, it was all OK. There is no need to book in advance.


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Re: Iceland tours

Thank you every one smile I think i might as well go there and book


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Re: Iceland tours

I'm going to Iceland as well so have been having the same problem trying to find tour recommendations as the most of my friends who went rented vehicles/camper vans and I don't want to spend an arm and a leg on tours.

A friend used this one ( www.bustravel.is ) and said they were really good but that was 6 years ago so not very recent.

I found another thread from this year that recommended this one ( www.icelandisniceland.com ). Looks interesting and I've contacted the guy to find out prices. I like the fact it's a mini van and not a giant tour bus.

The hostel I'm booked at gave me links to that ones they use to help book but there are the regular big ones. Grayline, Extreme Iceland, Sterna Travel and Arctic Adventures.

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