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Soho London, United Kingdom
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Where Are You From? What's your home town? Who'se your countrymen?

I'm from London, from Croydon to Soho via Brixton but I know London all around.
My countrymen:
Slash, Ozzy, Lemmy

I've been around England but as a child used to get taken on day trips to the South Coast, mostly to Brighton.
I can say I've played pinball from Soho (The Trocadero 'close enough') to the Pleasure Pier on the coast down there at Brighton.

Jimi Hendrix was taken to England by a member of The Animals, his band The Jimi Hendrix Experience are from here, I'm on Greek Street, they recorded Purple Haze yards away on Dean Street.
I love coming from here and when it's all said and done when I come back to England/London, it's to the West End.

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