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How Much..?


I'm hoping to travel to Australia in June next year, I'm 27 so I'm lucky enough to get a working VISA, however I'm a little nervous about running out of money. How much realistically would you take with you?

Any help / advice would be appreciated smile


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Re: How Much..?

Hostels are A$ 20 to 30,, BigMac meal A$ 10 most other food is more, beer A$ 8 or more, even bottled water is expensive, public city transport is not too bad but long distance bus or train is quite expensive, flying can be cheap. Finding work is not difficult, but depends a bit on you and you might need a car. In cas you smoke cigarettes might be A$ 40 the pack.


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Re: How Much..?

If you are going with working holiday visa, you need to have a sufficient funds of 5000 AUD, this may checked in the immigration when arriving at the airport. My daughter is in Australia with working holiday visa.

Australia is slightly expensive than in some European countries, is not a destination for budget travellers, but for backpackers who travel with working holiday visa is a good place.

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