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Travel Broadens the Mind

What have you learned about other cultures and places on your travels?

I learned in Pennsylvania, that when shopping, you have you calculate for sales tax.

I learned in New Jersey this didn't apply to clothes.

I learned what globalisation was first hand in Manhattan since I felt like I was back in London.

I learned that The British Empire thanks The United States for teaching it a valuable lesson in Philadelphia when I was shown a plaque left by Her Majesty in 1976 to commemorate the bicentennial.
I learned in New Jersey you can't turn left, and must use what you call a jughandle... 'turn right to go left in New Jersey'.

I learned in Pennsylvania, you are allowed to make a right turn at a red light.

I learned in Pennsylvania, that you have to stop at a stop sign in America, regardless of where it is.
No CCTV, sometimes, you could be the only vehicle around, it doesn't matter, you have to stop at a stop sign in the US, no matter what.

In 2004 I learned that the Delaware River has turtles when I saw one in the water as I was on foot walking across the border to New Jersey from New Hope, PA

In 2004 I learned that baby ducklings cross the road in file as the mother duck watches.
That was pretty cool in Willow Grove, PA

In 2004 in Abington, PA, I learned that children really have lemonade stands and sell lemonade.
*Land of the free/love it.

Part of my fun with Amsterdam was learning Amsterdam landmarks I had never heard of before.

I went to Amsterdam (first time I went) knowing;
Van Gogh
and something Dutch I researched that I liked called hagel slag.
and what was a coffee house and what wasn't (because coffee houses have that sticker in the window to say it's an Amsterdam coffee shop).

When the coach passed the Heineken Brewery Museum on the way in, I said something like
'That's in Amsterdam?!'...
I thought it was Danish....
But I was there and the coach drove passed it in and people who knew what it was pointed it out to me - 'Welcome to Amsterdam'...

On my first official trip out from the coffee house where me and my friends I went with set up base camp, I was ready to go out for a solo, so I did - I went *back out into Amsterdam (before , as soon as I unpacked I realised I left my jeans in England).. I left the coffee house wearing track suits, I was stoned!... First time out EVER on my own in a country that doesn't speak English; a quick solo to buy myself a pair of jeans.
I was awake all night travelling from London by coach via Dover, England - Calais, France etc, that way (through half of Belgium and half of the NL). I might have accidentally bumped into people. I heard other accents like British and American and was in middle of Amsterdam, in my trackies (sweat pants) and...
I saw a branch of a clothing shop I recognised called C&A who stopped trading in the UK years ago, I went to them because I remembered they sold clothes, went to menswear, spent like 20 Euros on a pair of jeans went back, showed my friends, then went to the hotel we all was at (literally yards away on the same road). -
-- I've still got that pair jeans, I even wore them the second time I went in June 2016 for a weekend with the same people too. -

After my adventure crossing the road and going to C&A and buying new jeans I needed...

I was ready to go shopping/exploring, on Sunday, we left London at midnight on Saturday and boarded the ferry at Dover at 4am and arrived 90 minutes later at 6:30am (local time) in France.
Arrived in Amsterdam around 9 or 10am.. I did't care I had a party that night and a city to explore.
I went back out to 'those shops' next to it there's a KFC but it's not called KFC it's called Kentucky Fried Chicken, all spelt out, no acronym in site.. I found a tourist information centre... Asked the nice lady..
I had a map I grabbed from the lobby/she gave me one 'I can't remember, probably both and I had 2', but these paper maps they have for tourists 'like me' .. I went there, with map, asked her..
Do you speak English *I asked every stranger that before I engaged with them *If they didn't engage with me, cool, cool friendly city.. - she said yes (99.9% of the Dutch people I spoke to spoke English there)..
I asked *with map in hand.
Where are we?
She drew it on the map, I was at the top of Rokin.
Then I asked...
What are the landmarks for here - encase I get lost have to ask somebody for directions, what can I ask them directions to to get back to here?
She then said 'That's Dam Square' and circled it on my map. So if I got lost, I could ask for directions to Dam Square..
Then, and lastly, I asked if she knew any guitar shops, she didn't, so we went to Google, she found me them and drew them on the map. - Then I was ready to take on a foreign speaking country for the FIRST TIME EVER...
I was walking, making sure to remember where I was going.
After 20 minutes I found I needed to summon a bit of courage to not chicken out and do a 180' and go back to that coffee shop with all my friends near my hotel/hostel, because, I couldn't get it out of my head
'foreign speaking country, this is another country, Oh God where am I going....
I didn't turn back, I carried on despite, slayed that thought as soon as it came, and carried on..
So after 30, 40 minutes of walking, I wanted to ask directions...

I'm from Soho right...
I was given at like 1 pm in Amsterdam on a Sunday afternoon, the choice of a sex toy shop and next door a video game shop, to ask for directions in... I went with WHAT I KNOW and went for the sex shop.


I asked, got told I was close, and indeed I was... and I found it.
They were closed, it was Sunday...
I cared not. I had successfully found my way as far out as the guitar shop and that's all I cared about. I went back to the coffee shop, my friends were in there, we really did use it like a hotel lobby it was that close to our hotel, and went to it the next day/Monday when they were open and I knew exactly where to go.

When I finally found my grocery store and my hagel slag on my last day in Amsterdam because EVERYONE said it was next to the palace... - I didn't know which one was the Royal Palace of Amsterdam...
I do now.
When I first saw it, I honest to God thought 'that hotel looks nice' walking passed it looking for it for the longest time ever.

In Amsterdam I learned of the Dutch Caribbean - The Suriname.

In Amsterdam, I've learned that Amsterdam has it's own flag and what that flag looks like.

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