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Re: Interesting places to bring my 16 year old daughter?

Awesome dude!! Hey man I respect that father/daughter desire you have to expand her horizons! That is great. There are many of us here who live close to NYC. Don't sweat it! If you let some of us know I think it would be great to take a day and show you how to get around the city on the subway. It is so easy and there is a lot of free stuff to do and $2 slices are great!!. We can get student prices for the Metropolitan museum, there is a great fish market, walking around central park, tons of restaurants from cheap to world class. There are discount ticket windows for Broadway shows and always something going on over by Juliard/Lincoln Center if you are into the symphony. The bottom line is you have help to build your NYC confidence, right here on trav buddy. I am more than willing to meet up with you and your kid for a day to show you how easy Manhattan is to get around. I am sure there are others! Just ask! I know you would do the same for us in your area! And I am not a bodybuilder but I am a hefty strong guy that lifts. In 30 years I have had no fights on the streets of NYC. Manhattan is quite a world mix of tourists and locals!

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