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2 Women With Itinerary & Safety Questions

Hi guys,

I've been traveling the world on and off as a solo female for quite some time now, though never much through South America (only to Peru with a group of volunteers). I've also lived in NYC (including Harlem) for 4 years and consider myself to be rather "street savvy."

I'm now married and have started an open-ended world trip with my wife (we're 2 females). We both work online and are trying to see as much of the world as we can with this opportunity.

We have been in Mexico for 2 months now, and have another 2 planned before we move on. We're deciding where to go afterwards, but plan to travel south through Central and South America.

Apologies for the long intro, but for some reason, all the travel warnings I've been reading have made me worry more than normal - I don't know whether or not that's justified. I've always been cautious when traveling, but never scared.

If you have any input on the following, I'd be deeply appreciative!

Our ideal travel scenario:

-Located within walking distance of markets, cafes, restaurants
-Safe area for 2 women alone
-Party scene is unimportant
-Plenty of outdoor things to do
-"On the grid" enough to have stable internet connection

While we'd like to travel more to more remote areas, we are reliant on a good internet connection. Also, one of us is fluent in Spanish.

We've considered the following locations so far:

-Bogota, Colombia
-Quito, Cuenca, Banos, etc., Ecuador
-Peru (not sure where)
-Chile (again, not sure where)
-Buenos Aires, Argentina

Each of those places has always been on my radar, but lately I've read some pretty negative accounts. I've never let it bother me before, but I can't shake it this time. Should we be concerned outside of the "be aware of your surroundings" type warnings? We understand that things happen everywhere, BUT we don't want to constantly feel like we're in potential danger. It's one thing to be on your guard for a week long trip, and another to constantly feel unsafe, 24/7, for the foreseeable future. I'd really appreciate any insight into safety, and other general suggestions/comments. Thanks!

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Re: 2 Women With Itinerary & Safety Questions

In Chile, Valparaiso is lovely in addition to Santiago. And, if you're into it, the poet Pablo Neruda's house in Isla Negra is interesting, other than those in Santiago and Valparaiso.
In Argentina, Buenos Aires can keep you busy for several days. I also really enjoyed visiting Ushuaia on the southern tip of Argentina, and some surrounding areas. The region has a wild remote feel to it, and is very safe I'd say. When in Buenos Aires, you can also consider hopping over to Colonia and Montevideo in Uruguay.


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Re: 2 Women With Itinerary & Safety Questions

How long do you intend to go for?

I would definitely add Brazil to your list. It's my favourite country by far in Latin America. Rio is a must see, as is Iguazu and Salvador de Bahia.

For the rest, it is impossible to give a short answer.

As for safety, with your experience, I think you will be able to cope.


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Re: 2 Women With Itinerary & Safety Questions

Thanks for your input - I honestly don't know much about Brazil, and will definitely add that to the list. My trip is open ended (I'm planning at least a month in each country, but possibly more when it makes sense), so I have a decent amount of time to plan each step.


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Re: 2 Women With Itinerary & Safety Questions

I did a solo trip last year through Ecuador and never had any qualms anywhere (solo male).  I did meet two young women from NZ on the bus to Inkapirka who'd been travelling together in CA/SA for months, and other than keeping to their budget they had had no problems.

Nicaragua is very safe as well.


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Re: 2 Women With Itinerary & Safety Questions

I'm an older female that travelled on my own this year to Chile, Peru and Bolivia.  It's funny that I too had bad feelings about the trip because of all the bad things to be aware of.
As it turned out, I felt safe and never threatened, although in Lima, a local said to be careful with my camera, to put it away after use.
There was a lot of police presence in Peru and Police tourist offices where you could go for help.  I couldn't speak spanish, which made it difficult, but I see one of you can, this will make it a lot easier.

I read up on all the do's and don'ts and the scams before I left and everything was fine, but for the altitude for me, I suffered and had to stay around my hotel because of breathing problems.
If you go to Chile, don't miss the Atacama Desert.  It has amazing scenery not to be missed, I wish I had more time there.

In Peru, most tourists do a similar route.
Lima - Cusco - Puno - Arequipa - Lima

I found flights and bus timetables hard to line up, so missed out on the Nazca lines.
Hope this helps

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