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Couch Potato
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UGRENT - 8 Days Queenstown itinerary (deadline by tomorrow)

Sorry to be the pain in the butt

Originally I have already booked the airfares/accomodation Queenstown a week ago for 6 days in Oct but it seems like it may be a bit rush as stated previously with some suggestions and given we wanna also a few extra activities so we decided to go for 8 days and there is a extra fee for like $80 per person if we were to change the dates and we are happy to do and that fee change is valid UP TO tomorrow and would be appreciated if you can have a final check to see if that is OK

October 2017

Day 1 Monday
3:30pm - Arrive Queenstown airport
4:30pm - Pick up car & drive to Wanaka
5:30pm - Check in @ airbnb
Overnight in Wanaka

Day 2 Tuesday
Have a relax day in Wanaka area in
- Rippons
- Farm Lavender
- Lake Wanaka
- Cromwell
Overnight in Wanaka (total of 2 nights)

Day 3 Wednesday
9am - Head to Mt Cook for hiking for few hours
In late afternoon go to Lake Tekapo for lupins, church of shephard etc
Overnight in Lake Tekapo (total of 1 night)

Day 4 Thursday
Relax for the day nearby to see the farm sheep, cows, deers (as we are staying in the aibnb farmland)
3pm - Head back to Queenstown
7pm - Check in and then dinner
Overnight in Queenstown

Day 5 Friday
Milford Sound bus tour trip.
[We chose this day to avoid the crowd on Sat/Sun, let me know if this is a good day to go, given we are in Queenstown from (Fri to Sun)]
Overnight in Queenstown

Day 6 Saturday

Relax a bit in the airbnb house (as it has lake views)
Then in afternoon go for a bit of driving scenic including:
- Glenorchy
- Arrowtown
- Hang around in Lake Wakatipu
- Have dinner in Queenstown
Overnight in Queenstown

Day 7 Sunday
10am - Queenstown gondola ride + luge
1pm - Lunch
2pm - Queenstown garden
4pm - Walk in town
6pm - Dinner
8pm - Onsen Queenstown
Overnight in Queenstown (total of 4 nights)

Day 8 - Monday
12pm - Lunch in Queenstown
1:30pm - Head to airport for 4:35pm flight back home

Would be very greatly appreciated if you let me know if this is OK and not too rush unless you can recommend another overnight stay in between as I can forfeit 1 of the night in Queenstown since i have a total of 4 nights stay anyway. Once you guys think it is perfect for the 8 days , we will go ahead and change the dates from 6 days to 8 days!

Thank you once again


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Re: UGRENT - 8 Days Queenstown itinerary (deadline by tomorrow)

Sounds reasonable to me... but then again I did both the north and south islands, 2,000 miles by campervan in 11 days, so I'm the kind of traveler that packs as many things as possible into the limited time that I can get away from work. If it's any consolation, Queenstown was my favorite. I loved that town, not a bad place to spend the bulk of your time in. Enjoy Lomond Peak and make sure you go to Roaring Meg's restaurant and Ferg Burgers.


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Couch Potato
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Re: UGRENT - 8 Days Queenstown itinerary (deadline by tomorrow)

We prefer just the car and hotel so we can relax
We probably will do the campervan the 2nd time of our NZ trip though
But we wanna make sure this first trip will be more relaxing and not too rushed nor filled too empty!



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Re: UGRENT - 8 Days Queenstown itinerary (deadline by tomorrow)

I was just there in March. Looks like a good plan to me. I went to Milford Sound on a Sunday and it wasn't very crowded at all. Have fun. Bring lots of cash, it's rather expensive there

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