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Bali, suba-diving and allaround traveling for 2 weeks

Hello fellow travellers,

My friend and me(both 23) are planning to stay in Bali or around Bali for 2 weeks form 31. July to 13. August.
Now, we already have an offer of a travel agency, where we're not sure if it's suitable for us.

The first week would be at the Hotel Kubu Indah Dive & Spa Resort in Kubu, where the start would be with the PADI course.
http://www.manta.ch/indonesien/bali/kub … spa-resort
Second week in Komodo Resort & Diving Club with 2 planned diving trips per day.
http://www.manta.ch/indonesien/komodo/k … iving-club

As for the diving, is there anybody who can tell me if this places are good for diving?
As for the accomodation, has anybody staying in any of this resorts or has some recommodations?
For the rest of the stay, are there any fun and/or interesting things todo around?

Thanks for all the responses and just ask away if there are any questions.


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Re: Bali, suba-diving and allaround traveling for 2 weeks

If diving are your main priority, try diving in Gili island as well - is only two hour by fast boat from Bali. There are plenty of offers around no need to book in advance just wait when you get there and compare the price


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Re: Bali, suba-diving and allaround traveling for 2 weeks

Bali and Komodo are very good for diving, but in Komodo/Labuhanbajo can be very strong currents (the why you can see Manta there), but may not good for a beginner, if you go be very careful.   
Kubu Indah is near Amed and Tulamben quite good diving area, to my knowledge without the current problem.
Haven't been in both resorts, but was in both areas.


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