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Any thoughts on Guatemala?

I'm planning on going to Guatemala in August for three weeks. I'd like to spend 2 weeks in one place learning Spanish and then I'll have a week after and weekends to explore. Any recommendations on towns or cities to explore and how many days needed for each one? Any recommendations for hostels would be great too.

Thanks so much.


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Re: Any thoughts on Guatemala?

Guatemala is an incredible place, with stunning natural beauty.

Plenty of hostels in Antigua, Panajachel, Quetzaltenango et al, with Antigua being the real tourist hub of the country. You can easily reach a large majority of places from Antigua, where I based myself (Three Monkeys Hostel). I'd try and avoid spending too much time in Guatemala City however.

Have a look at visiting Tikal, Panajachel, Santiago Atitlan, and if time permits, crossing over into El Salvador/Honduras (both equally as amazing).


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Re: Any thoughts on Guatemala?

Check out some of the Mayan ruins in Guatemala. Flores in the North is advertised as the gateway to the ruins and a beautiful little town on an Island in Lago Peten Itza. Great Margaritas too! 

http://www.travbuddy.com/travel-blogs/6 … atemala-12


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Re: Any thoughts on Guatemala?

Antigua, of course.
And don't miss Lake Atitlan and the small towns/villages around it.
And certainly dont miss the Mayan ruins in Tikal, accessible via Flores.


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Re: Any thoughts on Guatemala?

Thanks so much. I plan to keep Antigua as my base for 2 weeks so it looks like I can take some weekend trips from there.


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Re: Any thoughts on Guatemala?

Great.  Antigua is perfect - lots of Spanish language schools, lots of places to stay, mostly safe, and a good base to explore other areas. 

The Jungle Hostel is very popular and a good place to meet other travelers.  It is about three blocks from the plaza on an increasingly popular street for lodging and restaurants.   There are plenty of other good hostels as well but that is the one I have experience with.

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