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Oman Roadtrip Advise - 2017

Hi everyone, I am planning on going to Oman to do a roadtrip. I have time so that's not an issue and will be using my own car from Bahrain, it's 4x4 so should be ok with some offroading. I like hiking, trekking, climbing, canyoning, nature, fishing and beautiful reefs.

1) Any itinerary suggestions or must-visit places?

2) Any up for an adventure? Would love to meet some people along the way or travel togerther?

3) Is it possible / safe to just sleep in the car or camp out with all my stuff in the car? Not a big fan of fancy hotels on trips like these.

Would appreciate any suggestions, have a good one smile



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Re: Oman Roadtrip Advise - 2017

I would strongly recommend Snake Canyon as you are an avid hiker.  Will share my blog entry and review since I divided the discussion between the two.

Snake Gorge requires a guide, and I propose Sun and Sand Tours...Naseeb was a competent and personable leader for out trek.

Have a grand adventure!  smile

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Re: Oman Roadtrip Advise - 2017

Dito above if you want another blog to check out. Wild camping is fine and generally very safe, I had no trouble propping up the tent wherever I pleased.

Off the top of my head there's those big ass turtles out east you can see. Sur has an interesting fish market and watching the locals play football on the river bed in low tide is a nice way to pass time. The Grand Canyon Oman style. There's a few great wadi's over there too which are awesome to chill out by.

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