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Seoul shopping recommendations for tourists?


we went to Seoul about 5 years back and had a great time shopping at Doota. We're flying to Seoul again tomorrow and are looking forward to revisiting Doota but found out that the general prices there have spiked. So we're wondering if anyone could suggest some other places, not necessary where we can get a great shopping experience and see&buy Korean stuffs.

Thanks in advance! smile


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Re: Seoul shopping recommendations for tourists?

I lived in Korea for a year and I haven't heard of a Doota neighborhood... but best bet in Seoul for shopping as far as my experience is Myeongdong/Namdaemun neighborhood.

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Re: Seoul shopping recommendations for tourists?

TravelingChris wrote:

I lived in Korea for a year and I haven't heard of a Doota neighborhood...

Doota (Doosan Tower) is one of the largest fashion malls at Dongdaemun Market.


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Re: Seoul shopping recommendations for tourists?

Itaewon (on line 6) is worth a look for some shopping.   There are quirky antique shops, Korean fashion,  International shoes &  clothes (both real and fake) as well as Korean arts and crafts (ceramics etc.)   Some really good quality often sits close to cheap junk.  If you don't find anything at the shops, you can always find something to eat.  Itaewon has restaurants from round the world.

For more traditional items (especially antiques and Korean ceramics) I recommend Insadong area.  Again, there are many great restaurants too, if the shops don't work out!

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Re: Seoul shopping recommendations for tourists?

1)    Try to hit at least KRW30, 000 on each receipt because that’s the minimum sum allowed for tax refunds.
2)    Card it: - make sure that your card doesn’t have overseas charges.
3)    Bring your own recycled/shopping bag - you will need it since you will be shopping a lot.
4)    Bring cash
5)    Try to bargain moderately.
6)    Be polite.


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Re: Seoul shopping recommendations for tourists?

I also recommend the Myeongdong area (flea market) one of the biggest shopping market in Seoul. A lot of Korean stuff to be found. You can bargain, but without knowledge of Korean is not easy

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