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Solo travel?

I'm currently thinking of traveling to Australia to do a year working holiday visa, But solo. my friends are either in college or not interested in going at the moment and I just want to get out of here. The only thing stopping me from going for it is fear. I've been doing research and even reading other people's stories on traveling alone but it's still not taking the fear away. It's fear of not having anyone to talk to or go out with at the beginning and I don't even know where abouts to start off in Australia, I'm 21 and from Ireland and was thinking of going in Feb/ March is that a bad time? I was in Sydney for 3 months in January but I had people over there at the time so I had no worries and being there for a long but short space of time has made me want to go back so bad!! Does anyone have any advice??


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Re: Solo travel?

No no you don't have to worry as you say you have known persons are over there for a long time. So there is no problem for you in traveling to Australia.


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Re: Solo travel?

Don't worry think positive and follow your heart.... smile


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Re: Solo travel?

Hi Sarah, I can't supply information about work opportunities in Feb/March but I will say it would be a good time to visit. It would still be warm but starting to cool (our summer is from Dec to Feb but the heat really hits around Jan/ Feb.)

Work-wise you might pick up work as kids would have returned to school leaving jobs open during the day shifts.

I think you just have to take the plunge and do it. You will feel fear or worry but I think you will also get through that quickly and love it.

Where are you wanting to travel to during your time?


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Re: Solo travel?

When you travel alone, other solo travelers gravitate towards you.  You'll find other people.  Easily.  And even when you don't, those moments are valuable, and often enjoyable.


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Re: Solo travel?

I haven't done Australia solo but spent two years in New Zealand. Met loads of people in hostels and whilst working and doing helpx. Go for it, there will be days where you might find it difficult but the good/amazing days are the best and at the end of my time I didn't want to leave.


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Re: Solo travel?

I went solo to New York 5 years ago and I enjoyed the trip. I be going solo again to Melbourne next month just to enjoy their awesome coffee and explore arts gallery! Hmm, just bring pepper spray with you just in case and umbrella. smile


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Re: Solo travel?

I'm also heading over in Feb solo! Know a few people over there but I think I'm going to do the whole hostel thing for a while until I can get a job etc scary but exciting!!


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Re: Solo travel?

I was forced to travel alone after I couldn't get any of my friends to come with me. Now i actually prefer it.


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Sarah Elaine
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Re: Solo travel?

I prefer solo travel- no one else to please, I can indulge all my own little nerdy interests, and much as I love my friends, a lot of them would drive me nuts if we were traveling for more than a day or two. But I sympathise with the fear and it is hard to get it to go away just by telling you not to worry. So why not flex your travel skill muscles before you go? Practice eating alone for a start. It's a time people really worry about, although these days I actually enjoy doing it for the people watching I know seasoned business travelers who won't leave their hotel room for dinner. So getting used to that helps. And practice starting conversations with random people in cafes and public transport. Not just young people- some of my best travel experiences have been talking to couples, families and older people in business suits. If you get good at being chatty before you go it's a useful skill. Valuing those conversations that aren't potential nights out but are interesting also makes my trips much better.

I won't go to a nightclub or a busy bar alone, but I will go to a quiet pub, the cinema, the theatre and music gigs. Get in the habit of finding out about what's on so if you are alone you can have fun anyway. Being fun does make you more likely to get chatting to people anyway. Also, I was terrible for not meeting people when I traveled alone when I was younger, and had a lot more success when I was traveling in pairs. But with hindsight it's because I was a little unapproachable because I was scared of sexual harassment and my body language was closed up. Now sometimes that is necessary, although in my experience more at home than on the road, but it's worth just being aware what you might look like and if you are in the mood for a chat don't be in too much of a ball.

Even if you have no intention of actually long term traveling with someone, you can meet for a coffee and a tour of somewhere. This site often organises meet ups- there's a meet up thread- and although I don't use it couchsurfing gets a good right up for that. The sort of Airbnb host who is renting a room in the house they really love in and not the whole property is sometimes good company too- read their profile carefully and see if they're doing it for the money or to meet people.


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Re: Solo travel?

Don't let your friends hold you back from your dreams or talk you out of anything. Mine tried that when I decided on my first solo vacation last year but I stuck to it and loved it. I'm planning my second solo vacation now.


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Re: Solo travel?

Go for it!!! Especially you have gone to the place before so you're a bit familiar w/ the airport, maybe transportation and culture.

I recently traveled solo in Italy and France. My experience was the eating solo, lol,  was weird because some people have the look in their faces. And taking selfies too. I hated to ask other people to take my photo unless they are part of my tour group but even though I 'd still do a selfie. Yes you will get to chat w/ couples or other pairs, solo travelers. I had to chat w/ a couple who looked friendly and safe enough to talk to because there was no seats available anymore. I chatted a bit and in a matter of 15 mins , I learned that they were doctors who were from Burma but were living in South America or South Africa and that their contract has ended so they are on vacation for 3 months. Very interesting. If you have business cards or personal cards you can give out that would be great to connect. Who knows you might end up with travel buddies in the future.
I also kept myself abreast to things that I shouldn't do when alone. Drinking alcohol, getting home very late. Have yourself access to local cell phone, the nearest embassy...

Anyway to cut it short, be safe, do not just trust anyone, bring pepper spray if you must. Remember there are crooks anywhere smile


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United Kingdom
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Re: Solo travel?

I'm going solo at that time! Come say hi!


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Re: Solo travel?

If you are going to be travelling Australia or Oceania and would like advise then feel free to get in touch. I work for the largest travel company in Australia and would be happy to answer any questions just send me an email to... Kinder @ peterpans . com


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Re: Solo travel?

Hi Sarah,

I guess I am quite late replying to this thread, but I really hope that you're already there in Australia planning on exploring the place! Be extra confident and courage and don't let these perceived and misguided fears stop you from achieving your dream! Explore the world, become happy and make others happy!

Happy and Safe Travels Sarah! May you have an amazing year in Australia!

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