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Pushkar Camel Fair Advice

Hello All!

First of all, I am excited to have stumbled upon your community.  I hope to soon pay the fee and get a picture up.  You seem like a supportive and cool group of people.

Is there anyone here who lives in Ajmer or Pushkar, or who will be attending the Pushkar Camel Fair?  For those who do not know, it is one of India's most celebrated events, and I have bitten the bullet and decided to go this year.  The thing is that I have to go for the weekend because I teach and cannot take off of work additional days (I have off for Veterans' Day so that helps a bit). 

Any help with transportation and visas would be of great help.  And if there was someone who was going to be there at the same time would be most appreciated.

For some perspective, here is my (admittedly insane) itinerary:

11/11 - Arrive in New Delhi. Sleep in Delhi.
11/12 - Morning Flight to Jaipur. THEN train from Jaipur to Ajmer. THEN take bus or taxi from Ajmer to Pushkar (If anyone has a better way to do this, please let me know). Evening return to Ajmer. Sleep in Ajmer.
11/13 - See Amer Fort. Afternoon/evening Flight to Delhi. Fly home in the evening.

Questions are:

1 - I was going to obtain a Visa, but I was told recently that for my purposes I can get a VOA. Is this true? Do I need to know anything about this process or do anything in advance of going to India? Or is all taken care of at the airport?

2 - I recently read that train transportation can be booked solid for weeks. I imagine that this would apply to the Pushkar Camel Fair and it might be difficult for me to get train tickets on the spot. What can I do about this? Is it possible to book a ticket in advance from the USA? I also read that there is a special allotment for foreigners, so do I even need to worry about this?

Thank you!


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Re: Pushkar Camel Fair Advice

Well, I think your trip idea is nuts given the extremely short time allotted.  However:

The Indian tourist visa is not VOA.  It's a pre-approved visa that you apply for online. https://indianvisaonline.gov.in/visa/tvoa.html

You may be better off to take a taxi from Jaipur to Pushkar.


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Re: Pushkar Camel Fair Advice

I agree with kvom, you travel plan looks very short, but if you are focused on Pushkar Camel Fair only then it's better to hire a cab directly to Pushkar from Jaipur. It makes your travel comfortable and time saving.


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Re: Pushkar Camel Fair Advice

Pushkar ‘s general air transforms into a lively, loud, festive one. The Pushkar Fair is so magnificent because it coincides with the celebration of the Hindu festival of Kartik Purnima. The famous fair is held usually in November, in the Holy month of Kartik (according to the Hindu lunar calendar) in the five days between Kartik Ekadashi and Kartik Purnima. The dates for Pushkar Camel Fair 2015 are November 19-25, for 2016 are November 8-15 and for 2017 are October 28 – November 4.


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Re: Pushkar Camel Fair Advice

Pushkar is a popular destination of Rajasthan. Best time to visit to Pushkar is April to July. And Winter is the best time to visit i.e., October to February.  Pushkar fair is undoubtedly a good time to be in Pushkar.

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