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Israel, Jordan, and Azerbaijan in July/August

Hey everyone,

Just wondering if anyone can tell me about traveling these regions in July. I realize that it's not the best time to visit Israel and Jordan because it's very hot so it's their low season. However, this is really the only time of the year I can do a trip like this. Does everything shut down during this time or is it possible to still go there and have a good experience?
There are definitely perks to visiting in low season, but just wondering if my options also become very limited.

Also, I know it's probably a silly question, but are these regions safe at the moment? They seem stable but just want to make sure.


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Re: Israel, Jordan, and Azerbaijan in July/August

I can only reply about Israel - yes it is safe - the media never presents a realistic or accurate picture.  Hundreds of thousands of people visited here over the summer and everything was fine.

Summer is not low season - summer is high season - it is busy, one of the busiest tourism periods of the year - everything is open, everything is busy and you will not find low season prices.

That said - it is a wonderful time to come and experience this vibrant, amazing country.

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