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2 months India,Nepal,Ceylon recommendations

Hello Everyone,

I thought I would join a travel forum to help plan out me & my girlfriends next "big" overland travel back home!  Would love to have recommendations from people as I have never wrote anything out like this before so I'm hoping for some real assistance.

Planning a 2 month India/Nepal/Sri Lanka trip leaving Feb 4th from Toronto and arriving back in Sydney basically around April 4th.

1 month will be spent in Sri Lanka & Nepal and the 2nd month in India... the only date I have set for sure is 27th in Kathmandu (the tibetan new year) and then the 13th of March in New Dehli for Holi at the Moli Cow Music Festival... Everything else is up for grabs basically.

To give a bit of background I'am Canadian and My girlfriend is Aussie.  We met about 4 years ago when I quit my job and did a 4 month backpacking trip with a friend of mine in South America.... FELL IN LOVE BLAH BLA BLA... I then moved to Australia for a while with her and when my visa was up we decided to go back to Canada to live for a while.  Upon leaving we traveled through SE Asia for maybe 3 months all up? Now that our time in Canada is nearing an end & we want to do another trip back to Aus though India this time.  SO as you can see we like to travel, and do the dirty bits (maybe not the write words to use but you get what I mean).

I like to Hike... she does not... so for Nepal were "meeting half way" and agreed to hike the Poon Hill trek in Pokhara (apparently it's like the easiest trek to do in Nepal for good views).  Were both very cultural people though so Losar in Kathmandu was a must.

She likes the beaches... as do i buuuut she can spend all day on one, i need to "do" something!  So in Sri Lanka most time will be spent in the south but idk what beaches are best or how transportation is.  I heard Mirissa is good and the bits around Galle.  I do want to go up to Kandy though and past to see Sigirya.

India will mostly be in the Rajasthan area... starting to see a theme here? Ceylon=beach / Nepal=Mountain / India=desert ;-) the trip WAS supposed too be longer buuuut her sister decided to get preggers so now we have a date to be back in Australia.

In india I think... fly (from Kathmandu after Losar) into Udaipur->Jodhpur->Jaislamer (desert trek)->overnight train->Jaipur->Agra->New Delhi for Holi->Amritsar->fly to Varanasi->fly to Bombay->home direct...

Any details or recommendations will help!!!
-we will be staying 60% airbnbs (host families, found one who teaches you cooking skills in Jaipur... another who is a music teacher in Varanasi maybe get some Sitar lessons)
-30% Hostels (depending if friends join us in india)
-10% nice hotels (not my thing really but sometimes... if you're sick, some western style feels nice)

Speak soon!


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Re: 2 months India,Nepal,Ceylon recommendations

I've never been to Nepal yet so I can't comment on this part but Sri Lanka and India were so awesome :-)

As for beach in Sri Lanka, I went to Passikudah Bay beach near Batticaroa and it was very beautiful. But there were nothing much going on in 2012 and a bit too quiet. It's already been 4yrs since I went there and many resorts were under construction so there may be some changes.
And I heard from locals that Hikkaduwa and Unawatuna are popular party spots for young people. It may be worth checking them out.
Other than beaches, Sri Lanka had so many attractions! Elephant Safari near Habarana/Polonnaruwa was so much fun. And if you are mountain person, you may like mountain areas such as Nuwara Eliya or Haputale.

Bus network is pretty much advanced in Sri Lanka and I went around everywhere by bus. When you're tired it may be good to hire a driver for transportation but if you want to reduce cost, bus is the winner. You just need to go to bus terminal and ask people around which bus to take then you will be fine. I didn't make any reservation of transport at all in order to keep my schedule flexible.

As for India, I would also recommend you to visit Bhuj/Kutch area in Gujarat. It's famous for traditional art and handicrafts by tribal women. And there's a white desert near Pakistan border called "great rann of Kutch". You can camp there in January according to what local people said.
I have a blog about this area on my profile. If you're interested please have a look.


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Re: 2 months India,Nepal,Ceylon recommendations

In your shoes I'd start in Sri Lanka and work north to Nepal to avoid winter weather.  February trekking will be quite cold.

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