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Arlington, Virginia
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Charleston, SC

Sunday- Oct 4-15....Most roads in/out of city and area closed due to heavy rain (on going) and general   floods at low areas....all of SC in emerg mode due to weather, just a 'heads up " for any travel buddies


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Poquoson, Virginia
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Re: Charleston, SC

Yes, best to stay away from the Mid Atlantic coastal areas (SC, NC, VA) until at least Oct. 7 probably. Though the tides are coming down, the frontal storm is still here and additional flooding is expected Monday & Tuesday, Oct. 5-6. As Cody mentions, some areas may be impassible, so it's best to check in advance to see road conditions if planning to come to the Mid-Atlantic coastal regions.


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San Diego, California
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Re: Charleston, SC

Will the areas be any better after the water subsides?  Will it take a long while to recover before travelers can enjoy your areas again like it did in New Orleans after Katrina?

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