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What budget for Nepal

Hi Travel buddies!
I am visitting Nepal for ten days after Christmas.
How much money ( in USD) should I budget for ten days? I already booked an itinerery with accommodation , transport, so I only need spending money.


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Re: What budget for Nepal

depend how much do you want to spend on meals. There are  plenty of cheap restaurants in Kathmandu and other cities, however beware that it  might make your tummy ache.
When I was there, I did tried this kind of restaurant, but my tummy doesn't like it and I have to eat at the mid to upper restaurants which cost around usd10-20 per meal without drink.


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Re: What budget for Nepal

Of the 40 or so countries I've travelled to, Nepal is by far and away the cheapest. In three months I spent $900. This inc a trip to Everest and staying in guesthouses throughout my stay, so if you're worried about your cash flow, worry no more dude.


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Re: What budget for Nepal

You can eat very well in KTM for $25/day, and can spend a lot more or quite a bit less too, esp. if you like to drink.  Pokhara is similar, but elsewhere it's likely cheaper on average.  If you like dal bhat you can eat super cheap everywhere.

The World Heritage sites all have admission fees for tourists that can add a lot to the daily cost.


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Re: What budget for Nepal

Actually, for about $12, you can lunch at any 5 start hotels in Kathmandu. This will be a fixed-price menu.

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