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Cheap "Sights & Attractions" in Sydney, Australia
If you are coming to Aus, the one thing you have to make sure you do is the Harbour Bridge Climb.  I'm not being biased just because I'm from Sydney.  I work right in the city and see it every day, but after doing the bridge climb it puts another whole perspective on the way you look at things...It's amazing!  And so worth it for $170!  The Opera house looks fab from its steps …
This review was featured on Tuesday October 10th, 2006
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Average priced "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Phoenix, Arizona, USA
With accolades such as Best Mexican Restaurant 2005, Best of the Valley 2005, Best of the Southwest, Fodor's, and Zagat's top Restaurant Guide, the Barrio Cafe is a hidden jewel in one the many barrios of Phoenix. Open since 2002, when I first visited the place, I was struck by the uniqueness and flavors of the foods.  Southern Mexican cuisine, strongly influenced by mole…
This review was featured on Monday October 9th, 2006
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Very cheap "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Redondo Beach, California, USA
Casual and interesting coffee shop in the South Bay. If you are tired of the trendy yet featureless interiors of Starbucks, check this place out and relax in one of the numerous comfy couches and sofas. Bookcases, paintings, photographs, and fishtanks line the brick interior, giving this place a distinctive, homey, and welcoming feel. The cappucinos here are strong, tasty, and addictive. They a…
This review was featured on Friday October 6th, 2006
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Average priced "Sights & Attractions" in Darmstadt, Germany
The history of civilization in this city dates back to the Neolithic age 5000 to 4000 years BC. The first permanent settlements seem to have developed around 2000 BC. Archeological excavations of burial site findings, prove that today's Darmstadt was inhabited by Celts, Romans and German tribes. The history of the city of Darmstadt began in 1256, when the counts of `Katzenelnbogen' started the con…
This review was featured on Saturday September 30th, 2006
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Free! "Sights & Attractions" in Huangshan, China
In Huangshan, there's a place called Yellow Mountains. On the mountains you'll definitely get a nice view of the sunset and sunrise depending on which direction you're facing. It's a landmark, so ask around for anybody who is in the area. Usually there are nice sunrises everywhere over the mountains, so make sure to watch out for them. I would post more pictures of them, but this site forbids…
This review was featured on Friday September 29th, 2006
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Expensive "Sights & Attractions" in Beijing, China
Unfortunately, a lot of the more impressive buildings were under construction during my visit, so often all I got to see was a giant piece of tarp with a faded photo of what I was actually supposed to be seeing. Since the weather was so hot, and we were tired, Dave and I made it our quest to find the Starbucks which was supposedly operating right inside the walls of the Forbidden City. We asked so…
This review was featured on Wednesday September 27th, 2006
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Ridiculously Expensive "General Tips & Advice" in London, England, UK
Hi guys! I'm stuck in bed with a cold/flu (flu always gets more sympathy... but I'm sure its just a cold) and being more than a little bored and sniffly I thought it was about time that I mention that absolutely none of the pictures in my reviews are ones that I have personally taken.... with a camera. However, it was me who personally took them...from Google. So please feel free to compliment me …
This review was featured on Friday September 22nd, 2006
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Average priced "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Budapest, Hungary
On our first night in Budapest, we went to a wonderful restaurant called Kaska Vendeglo.  It's on the Buda side of the river, down a slightly dark street, but when you reach it, you'll be really glad you did! The meal was amazing.  For an appetizer, we each got "Forrest Mushrooms in a cognac sauce", and it was very good.  They gave us bread and eggplant paste,and it was delicious; …
This review was featured on Thursday September 21st, 2006
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Cheap "Sights & Attractions" in Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania, USA
Of all of the reviews I've written, I have to admit a little bias on this one; it's by far my most personal.  Glencairn Museum is located in my original hometown of Bryn Athyn Pennsylvania, and was originally built and used as a private residence; and believe me when I say you will find this very hard to believe when you first lay eyes on it.  It is a true site to behold, far more of a c…
This review was featured on Wednesday September 20th, 2006
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Free! "Sights & Attractions" in Bronte, Australia
  Right. Bronte Beach. The nice Bondi. Bronte is smaller than Bondi but much much less commercial.  Its more of a local beach but still its right next door to Bondi so tourists are still around but you can stretch out without kicking sand at an English person on your right and an Irish on your left. The water is beautifully pristine, no parade of shops or pubs. The beach is…
This review was featured on Thursday September 14th, 2006
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