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Average priced "Sights & Attractions" in Garmisch Partenkirchen, Germany
Usually, castles are castles.  But Ludwig II decided to try and build a castle after castles were no longer needed.  In fact he didn't even start building it until 1869.  And it still wasn't really finished when he died in 1886.  This castle had all of the most modern and inovative technologies, including a form of central heating, running water everywhere and a kitchen with the most advance…
This review was featured on Friday February 9th, 2007
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Cheap "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Sheffield, England, UK
Yankees is like taking a step back in time to a period when a real American Burger joint seemed exotic and exciting.  Basically we're talking about somewhere in the mid eighties!  Don't get me wrong, that's not a bad thing.  In fact it's a very very good thing. We used to come here a lot back when I was a kid - it was a regular choice for birthdays and special events.  Coming back now for …
This review was featured on Tuesday February 6th, 2007
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Free! "Sights & Attractions" in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
I found that hiking Arthur’s Seat was one of the best attractions of Edinburgh and was astonished you could make such a splendid ramble starting on foot from your hotel in the heart of the city.  You can’t miss the Seat, the highest of Edinburgh’s hills by a considerable margin…just head for Holyrood at the southern end of the Royal Mile to find the trailhead. &nbs…
This review was featured on Sunday February 4th, 2007
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Average priced "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Redondo Beach, California, USA
A few of my vegetable loving friends who adore this place have taken me here a few times, and I've tried to keep a fairly open mind, but I can't figure out what all the hype is about. I've been here three times now, and each time the food has tasted somewhat flavorless and bland. The first time I came here I had the white lasagna, which seemed to lack that certain heartiness and rich cheese fl…
This review was featured on Tuesday January 30th, 2007
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Cheap "General Tips & Advice" in Rome, Italy
For those enchanted by the renaissance, the glory and opulence of the Roman Catholic church, ancient architechture of Romans, splendour and grandeur, modernity and modernization juxtaposed between ancient Roman columns...this is the place where you can see all of that. Though I have not spent an extensive amount of time in Rome, the places I did see and visit left lasting impressions.  …
This review was featured on Thursday January 25th, 2007
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Average priced "General Tips & Advice" in Prague, Czech Republic
Prague is the most beautiful city I have ever seen in my whole life. People are very friendly and most of them speak great english even though I found Czech very easy language and after a few days I even picked it up a bit. I reckon if I stayed there for a couple of months I would easily start speaking Czech. Prague is full of tourists, especially the centre. Bars and restaurants in Prague are b…
This review was featured on Thursday January 18th, 2007
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Expensive "Hotels & Accommodations" in Koh Samui, Thailand
An amazing place to relax away from the hustle and bustle of other tourist resorts and resort cities in Thailand.  Samui Amanda Resort is nestled into the island on the shores of its own private and secluded beach.  The resort has an amazing buffet breakfast that is included with the bungalow rental and the food & drinks at the restaurant are FANTASTIC, complete with a duo perfo…
This review was featured on Thursday January 11th, 2007
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Cheap "Sights & Attractions" in Wuhan, China
Overlooking the Yangtze River, the Yellow Crane Pagoda (Huang He Lou) is located on Snake Hill in Wuhan, the largest city in central China with over nine million residents. It is one of the “Three Famous Towers” south of Yangtze and the foremost symbol of Wuhan. The complex consists of the five-story yellow tiles and red pillars tower, a beautiful garden park and a shopping promenade. …
This review was featured on Saturday January 6th, 2007
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Cheap "General Tips & Advice" in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA
I went on my first Cruise with Carnival on the 11. of December.  Departure was from New Orleans, ports of call Cozumel and Costa Maya.  I kept a diary of the day to day, but decided to save all tediousness and get to the point I want to make here. I will begin this missive by including the letter I sent to Guest Relations following the cruise: ...We were both extremely excited about go…
This review was featured on Wednesday January 3rd, 2007
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Free! "General Tips & Advice" in London, England, UK
I just came home from my last trip yesterday - went through London Heathrow. The weather is not so nice right now - rain and pretty cold. When I travel and I am not sure about what kind of weather I have to expect I usually take clothes I can wear as several layers  - like an "onion effect" - it always worked for me. (T-Shirts - short and lon…
This review was featured on Monday January 1st, 2007
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