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Expensive "Sights & Attractions" in Medellin, Colombia
Medellin is one of the most beautiful cities in South America. You can enjoy the warm, humid sunny climate that Medellin has to offer its visitors. There are many attractions in Medellin such as La Plaza Botero, Piedra del Penol which is an hour away from Medellin, and also get on the Metro Cable which is in one of the poor communities in Medellin which is Santo Domingo. Even though I heard this c…
This review was featured on Friday May 11th, 2007
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Very cheap "General Tips & Advice" in Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Oh, Vance, Vance, Vance.... Think you're too cool for school, do you?? Well, yer mamma didn't warn you about me I guess... I'm the tacky magnet QUEEN - why? Let me number things: 1. They are cheap - on trips, I am poor - I have used up my money on the ticket to get there. 2. They are small and light - good for bringing home... 3. They are cheerful in my kitchen - enough said. And here…
This review was featured on Wednesday May 9th, 2007
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Average priced "Nightlife & Entertainment" in Phoenix, Arizona, USA
Like so many among us, my soul dies just a bit every time I spend an evening in a generic and uninteresting bar. You begin to feel an urge to don a cape and become the "Cool bar superhero" that could secretly fly through the city and actually FIND these illusive, fabled places that are supposed to exist out there but are so hard to find... And then, lo and behold, you come across a place like …
This review was featured on Tuesday May 8th, 2007
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Free! "Sights & Attractions" in London, England, UK
The Horniman Museum has its origins in the collection of Sir Frederick Horniman, the Victorian tea merchant who died in 1906. He was an inveterate collector both of cultural artefacts from all over the world, and also of butterflies, moths and beetles, of which he had over 16,000 specimens arranged in 500 drawers. Eventually his collection took over his family home, a spacious Victorian …
This review was featured on Sunday May 6th, 2007
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Cheap "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Solvang, California, USA
Most of the restaurants in Solvang serve a mix of Danish/German and/or American food, and most of the menu's seemed quite fattening and heavy, so we decided to opt for Mexican food instead. It felt a bit odd to be eating Mexican food in a Danish town, but Manny's turned out to be quite good. The outdoor seating was a big plus because the weather was almost perfect - sunny with a cool breeze. I …
This review was featured on Friday May 4th, 2007
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Average priced "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Des Moines, Iowa, USA
Gelato (jeh-laht-o) brings back countless memories of European travels and the joy in discovering the intense flavor and the amazing smoothness of a small rich treat called GELATO. Sometimes I believe that I traveled to Europe so many times as a result of the withdrawal I had from not being able to find gelato in Des Moines, let alone, Iowa:) So, imagine my delight in finding not one, but two gela…
This review was featured on Tuesday May 1st, 2007
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Cheap "Sights & Attractions" in Sipadan, Malaysia
Sipadan Island is on everyones list as one of the best SCUBA diving destinations in the world. Sipadan Island has one of the richest marine habitats in the world. Located off the east coast of Sabah, Malaysia on the Island of Borneo, the Island plunges 2,000 meters straight down to the sea floor, strong marine currents sweep past the island bringing nutrient rich cold waters to the surface and sup…
This review was featured on Saturday April 28th, 2007
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Very cheap "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Beijing, China
I mentioned this pineapple beer in one of my posts and thought I should let you know how it was. It was actually surprisingly good. Okay, so it tasted kind of watered down (it's only 1.25%vol) but the flavor wasn't bad at all. In fact, being a bit watery only made it that much more refreshing on a hot day. At 25 cents a can, one of these is a great way to cool off after walking around in …
This review was featured on Friday April 27th, 2007
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Expensive "Sights & Attractions" in Minaret of Jam, Afghanistan
The Minaret of Jam is the second highest minaret in the world. Standing proudly at 65 meters, it is surpassed only by the Qutb Minaret in Delhi, India. Its 9 meter wide octagonal base transitions to a beautiful cylindrical tower that narrows toward the top. Built as a victory monument in AD 1194, it is one of the most important examples of early Islamic architecture. The minaret of Jam was bui…
This review was featured on Tuesday April 24th, 2007
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Free! "General Tips & Advice" in Manila, Philippines
Hi there kids! I'm a local Pinay girl who's out to clarify all the stereotypes placed on Filipina women and Asian women in general. SEXUAL EQUALITY ---------------- As you must've read in many a travel book, sexual equality is more pronounced in the Philippines than most other Asian countries. And while this is true, we, Filipinas don't just go out of our homes in bikinis...waiting to d…
This review was featured on Saturday April 21st, 2007
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