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Average priced "Sights & Attractions" in New York, New York, USA
Wow guys. It turned out this thing is everything it looked like on TV. I loved the little island it's on. You have to take the boat there so that is a (lengthy) experience of itself, but still really fun. The statue itself is really powerful when experienced from so close and there are some amazing places to take pictures of the New York City beauty. Certainly a must if in NYC.
This review was featured on Monday June 18th, 2007
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Free! "General Tips & Advice" in San Jose, California, USA
I have gotten a lot of questions on exactly what Couchsurfing is - that's a hard thing to answer, and a lot of information to give, but I'll do my best... Couchsurfing is a community of travel lovers, who love to travel, and love OTHER travelers. So when we travel, we like to meet the people that live there. We think this is better in a couple ways: 1. It gives us wonderful friends for life …
This review was featured on Friday June 15th, 2007
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Free! "Sights & Attractions" in Trollstigen, Norway
The Trollstigen ("The Troll Ladder") is a famous mountain road 20 kilometers south of the Norwegian city Ã…ndalsnes. It is part of the "riksvei 63". Eleven hairpin bends lead up 800 meters from the ground of the beautiful Isterdal Valley to the top of the pass. Midway the road crosses the Stigfossen (waterfall) which falls 320 metres down the mountain side. The road is surrounded by the impressive…
This review was featured on Thursday June 14th, 2007
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Cheap "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Singapore, Singapore
In Singapore there are many ethinic varities of food available. There is Indian to French, Italian to Malay food and Chinese. As well as all your normal fast food outlets like Mac Donalds, KFC and Pizza Hut plus more. For a great cheap option I recommend checking out the Hawker centres which can be found everywhere the meals normally cost around $3 or more. As well as food courts you will norm…
This review was featured on Tuesday June 12th, 2007
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Free! "Sights & Attractions" in New York, New York, USA
What could be more thrilling that the constant motion of city lights and advertising? I strongly recommend visiting Times Square. It is truly one of a kind. There are several very interesting shops to browse... Hershey - yay for chocolate and candy. MTV store - always interesting.. they have decently priced clothing (for nyc) I got a t-shirt but it cost me 28 dollars.. anyway, interesting to…
This review was featured on Monday June 11th, 2007
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Average priced "Sights & Attractions" in Nikko, Japan
Nikko is a small city at the entrance to Nikko National Park which is a World Heritage site. One of the most famous attractions is the Toshogu Shrine, Japan's most lavishly decorated shrine. Nikko National Park is very scenic, with lots of mountainous landscapes, lakes, waterfalls, hot springs, wild monkeys and hiking trails. Lake Chuzenji, Kegon Falls and Yumoto Onsen are also some famou…
This review was featured on Sunday June 10th, 2007
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Cheap "Sights & Attractions" in Ljubljana, Slovenia
There isn't a ton of stuff to see in Ljubljana, so you'll probably make your way to the National Museum at some time or another. Compared to other museums it's pretty small, but it contains a lot of local history. Ljubljana used to be a Roman settlement (Founded by Augustus almost 2000 years ago), so there are lots of ancient Roman archaeological exhibits here. Most of the stuff is in Slovenian, h…
This review was featured on Friday June 8th, 2007
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Average priced "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Shinjuku, Japan
The design theme of the restaurant is funky French circus, with gawdy accessories like a giant pink chandelier, swirly candy colored booths, mounted fake tiger's heads, and a blue elephant overlooking the bar. I think most of the girls who walk in say, "omygod!!! how cute~~~" The majority of the clientele were young women. I started with an iced peach mint tea. It's a refreshing mint tea t…
This review was featured on Thursday June 7th, 2007
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Average priced "General Tips & Advice" in Saint Thomas, United States Virgin Islands
I lived in St. Thomas (twice!!) and can give you a few pointers on where to go and what to do. I used to work at Paradise Point at the top of Flag hill near the cruise ship dock. Of course I'm a little biased but I think the view from there is one of the best on the island. Wednesdays are a good night to go up to the top with live bands and a great view of the sunset. The food is decent, but don't…
This review was featured on Tuesday June 5th, 2007
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Free! "Sights & Attractions" in La Jolla, California, USA
Near Prospect street in La Jolla is the big, wide ocean. The seals bask in the sun and there's a long walkway along the cost to stroll, jog or just take pictures at.
This review was featured on Sunday June 3rd, 2007
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