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Average priced "Hotels & Accommodations" in Yazd, Iran
As the Oasis Hotel was full booked, I was directed to this hostel. Here, the owner offered me two possibilities for accommodation: a room on the terrace and a another one downstairs, but like a basement without windows. I did not hesitate to choose the latter one as it was fresh. My triple room with private bathroom, single occupancy, was clean but not very spacious. The beds were a little bit un…
This review was featured on Tuesday June 6th, 2017
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Ridiculously Expensive "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Copenhagen, Denmark
Kokkeriet is located in the middle of Copenhagen a short walk from Kongens Nytorv and close to the Amalienborg Castle. The restaurant is focused on high end dining with a focus on the Nordic cooking and it has been listed with a star in the Michelin guide for a few years. They mainly focus on two different fixed menus a large and a very but you can order individual dishes as well if you would pref…
This review was featured on Monday June 5th, 2017
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Cheap "Hotels & Accommodations" in Mirissa, Sri Lanka
Desitha Family House is another place that we stayed at while in Mirissa. On the pictures and reviews it was a promising place. Well to be honest, it is not horrible. The thing is that we were staying is such a warm and friendly family prior to this place, and then when we arrived to the Desitha, we got very confused people to show us the place. I mean, this house is overbuilt for one reason and t…
This review was featured on Sunday June 4th, 2017
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Average priced "Hotels & Accommodations" in Zurich, Switzerland
The Hotel California has an excellent central location on a pedestrianised street one block away from the river. It is above a restaurant so there was a steepish flight of steps to reception where we were greeted by a friendly Slovenian girl who checked us in. This is a somewhat quirky place to find in a Swiss city, with American-themed décor - the lift painted to look like Monument Valley, paint…
This review was featured on Saturday June 3rd, 2017
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Average priced "Hotels & Accommodations" in Athens, Greece
I booked the Hotel Cecil through Expedia. I chose it because it was central to the main sites of Athens and I walked easily from there to everything I wanted to visit. Train and bus services are close by, as are plenty of eateries and shopping places. The hotel is reasonable clean with the rooms being serviced daily. I'm picky with bathrooms, not liking handheld shower heads, so after such a ba…
This review was featured on Friday June 2nd, 2017
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Ridiculously Expensive "Hotels & Accommodations" in Lido, Italy
Created in 1900 by the Venetian architects Raffaello and Francesco Marsich, the Hotel Des Bains was designed in an Art Nouveau style (known in Italy as Stile Liberty) which was in keeping with the taste of the times, and also drawing inspiration from Austrian architectural design. The use of Liberty in Italian has nothing to do with the English word, but to Arthur Lazenby Liberty (1843-1917) who w…
This review was featured on Thursday June 1st, 2017
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Ridiculously Expensive "Sights & Attractions" in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Located at the Mirage, the Siegfried & Roy’s Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat is the only zoo on the Strip. Formed by the magician duo, who used to do a show with white tigers and white lions, the show ended after a tiger attack on Roy himself. Now, these animals are placed in a zoo, at the Mirage. Getting to it, requires walking through the casino floor, and going back outside, the zoo next…
This review was featured on Saturday May 27th, 2017
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Very cheap "Sights & Attractions" in Middlesbrough, England, UK
Middlesborough’s Transporter Bridge is the town’s best-known landmark. Like Middlesbrough itself, it is a relic from the glorious industrial times. It was built in 1911 to connect Middlesbrough to the industrial areas on the nothern bank of the Tees river at Port Clarence. Transport bridges like these saw only a short period of prosper. Their limited capacity and their susceptibility to advers…
This review was featured on Friday May 26th, 2017
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Cheap "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Kanab, Utah, USA
Your basic ‘order at the counter’ fast food joint. Their exception to standard fare was the house specialty: the Buffalo Burger. Had to sample one of those bad boys and as I was ordering noticed immediately beneath the Buffalo Burger was the “Big Red” option. I asked the waitress for details and she pointed to a hand written sign right in front of my nose which explained this was a quar…
This review was featured on Thursday May 25th, 2017
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Cheap "Hostels" in Lisbon, Portugal
From the Saldanha or Arroios Metro stations, it is a ten to fifteen minute walk to 'Be Lisbon Hostel.' I arrived from Saldanha and was checked into the hostel quickly by a man named Filip. I had booked three nights in a six-bed dorm and was not disappointed by the quality throughout the hostel. The dorm was clean and bright yet compact. There were very large drawers underneath the beds, ea…
This review was featured on Wednesday May 24th, 2017
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