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Very cheap "Sights & Attractions" in Falmouth, Virginia, USA
I didn't expect much inside this small museum housed in an old schoolhouse near Fredericksburg. It had that musty smell of age, an elderly curator and a lone car in the parking lot along a quiet country road. But this place is surprisingly packed with artifacts and I wound up spending over an hour going through the collection. In the winter of 1862 - 63 some 120,000 men of the Army of the Pot…
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Average priced "Hotels & Accommodations" in Gran Canaria, Spain
When I was looking for a place to stay in the southern part of Gran Canaria most of the hotels were already fully booked. I found Monte Feliz and I decided to book a room there. The location of it on the map suggested that it will be easy to reach. Nothing could be more wrong. Indeed, the hotel is located next to the main road but we passed it three times before we finally found it. It was barely …
This review was featured on Monday November 24th, 2014
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Free! "Sights & Attractions" in Bremen, Germany
Saint Peter's Cathedral has attended the City of Bremen throughout its history and should be visited at least once. Visiting the church and its adjacent museum is free, whereas a small entrance fee is charged for climbing the tower, which is accessible from April to October. Voluntary donations are very appreciated. The parts of this building were gradually added with different architectonical…
This review was featured on Sunday November 23rd, 2014
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Expensive "Hotels & Accommodations" in Macau, China
We booked the hotel using an online travel agency and we paid about 160 USD per night for the room. The check it was fast and we got room 610. The room was quite modern when entering the room. To start with there were light tiles on the floor and they were replaced by a light carpet in the rest of the room. The carpet seemed a bit dirty so it was good to see that there were slippers available. …
This review was featured on Saturday November 22nd, 2014
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Cheap "Hotels & Accommodations" in Calgary, Canada
Last afternoon in Banff had to think what to do next day about our accommodation in Calgary. My friend wanted to get there first and then look for hotel but i was pushing him to do a reservation from the net. Finally we went with tablet in the lobby of the hotel(Banff Ptarmigan Inn) and we were looking for hotels and offers. I took to get the final selection and between three hotels i chose "The W…
This review was featured on Friday November 21st, 2014
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Average priced "Hotels & Accommodations" in Jakarta, Indonesia
We've stayed Somerset Berlian Hotel for 3 nights with our companions when we attended the convention as it is near by the venue,Senayan Center. We share a room with 5-6 people. I arrived around 10am,check in time is 2pm. I asked the reception to keep my luggage then they allowed me enter the room with free wi-fi. This is good. Our room had 2 double bed rooms,1 single bed room,2 bath rooms,an…
This review was featured on Thursday November 20th, 2014
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Average priced "Hotels & Accommodations" in Newcastle upon Tyne, England, UK
The hotel room looked better than the cabin on the boat, so we were happy with everything a little more luxurious or bigger than the cabin. The bed was good to sleep on, but they were separated when we arrived here. We had to put them together ourselves. There was a door to our room from another room and some people have been trying to get in it all day, that was one of the small things that h…
This review was featured on Wednesday November 19th, 2014
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Expensive "Hotels & Accommodations" in Soiano del Lago, Italy
We booked Agriturismo Cesare in Soiano del Lago via After booking and payment they informed us that the real name is not agriturismo Cesare, but agriturismo il Ghetto. Then, after being able to read reviews of the agriturismo on the internet we were very disappointed to see all those negative reviews and would certainly NOT have booked this if known before. Unfortunately, most neg…
This review was featured on Monday November 17th, 2014
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Ridiculously Expensive "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Millinge, Denmark
Falsled Kro was original a traditional Danish kro which is sort of the Danish version of an inn. But today there isn’t much of the traditional food to be served at the end - it is purely a gourmet restaurant which is famous having served some of the best food found outside Copenhagen area for more than forty years ever since Michel Michaud and Jean-Louis Lieffroy redefined what can be served on …
This review was featured on Sunday November 16th, 2014
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Average priced "Hotels & Accommodations" in Aksum, Ethiopia
This hotel is (one of) the best in Axum. But with 47 dollar per night it also is one of the most expensive. But a reward after the rough Danakil dessert or a long ride from Debark. There are still some maintenance issues, but there is actually someone that fixes things! Compared to the Ethiopian standards it looks good and is very clean. The location is on a small hill and very near to the main …
This review was featured on Saturday November 15th, 2014
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