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Free! "Sights & Attractions" in Tserko-ri, Nepal
Tserko-Ri (Tsergo-Ri) is the crown jewel of the Langtang Himal trekking trail. Standing at 5033 meters (16,500 ft), it is one of the peaks that dominates the sacred valley of langtang. older elevation records show that tserko-ri's height is at 4984 meters, but new gps altitude reveal that is over 5000 meters and the accepted height today is at 5033 meters. Tserko-ri is a very difficult pea…
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Expensive "Hotels & Accommodations" in Pescia, Italy
An absolutely wonderful change from the usual hotel accommodation! On our 2013 trip through the north of Italy, we stayed here for a few nights. In the north of Tuscany, close to places like Lucca, Pisa and Florence, the Galeotti family runs this very nice accommodation. On the slope next to the gorgeous old village of Pietrabuona, there are a number of beautifully renovated and maintained hou…
This review was featured on Saturday December 20th, 2014
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Cheap "Hostels" in Nice, France
Whoever said the French Riviera was all about relaxing and chilling and soaking in the Mediterranean sun obviously ensured that YHA Camelias designers were listening. Because seriously, this hostel is the real deal. Located in the heart of Nice, right behind the Nice Etoile shopping mall on the Avenue Jean Medicin (the heart of Nice's affairs and a stone's throw from the Old Town), this hostel …
This review was featured on Friday December 19th, 2014
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Expensive "Hotels & Accommodations" in Highlands, North Carolina, USA
A much enjoyed hotel for three nights during a visit to Highlands. As of 2014 a newer facility that sits just past the hill on Main Street (a sprawling Baptist Church commands the crest of the hill). It is managed by Old Edwards Inn, so a higher price point and higher expectations, but they delivered for the most part. Room was pleasantly appointed and bed very comfy, though square footage wa…
This review was featured on Thursday December 18th, 2014
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Ridiculously Expensive "Hotels & Accommodations" in Hennekirkeby, Denmark
In the old days in Denmark it was tradition for the local inn to be located right next to the local church. This is also the case in Hennekirkeby where the local inn - or kro in Danish - is located right next to the local church. As time has passed the inn and the church is pretty much what is left of this old village and most of the action has moved to the two nearby villages - Henne Strand (mean…
This review was featured on Wednesday December 17th, 2014
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Average priced "Hotels & Accommodations" in Drakensberg, South Africa
I have to stay fair on this one, it could have been our touroperator (de Jong Intra) who failed but the service we got was poor. We got there early evening and our guide told us since we were the first group of this organazation to arrive we would get the rooms close to the main building. Boy was he wrong! We had to wait in the lobby for nearly an hour, meanwhile the other coach arrived, they got…
This review was featured on Tuesday December 16th, 2014
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Average priced "Hotels & Accommodations" in Baguio City, Philippines
Since it was not peak season yet, I never did any advance booking for the accommodation when we had our pre-Christmas holiday trip to Baguio (November 28-30, 2014). With the assistance of Baguio tourism frontliner, I got to know this hotel – the Belfranlt Hotel. The hotel is strategically located at the heart of the city, just walking distance to the prime hubs – Burnham Park, Igorot Garde…
This review was featured on Monday December 15th, 2014
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Average priced "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Terelj, Mongolia
The Chinggis Khan Statue Complex, containing the massive Equestrian statue, was recently constructed in 2008. It is located on the outskirts of the Mongolian capital Ulaanbaatar, in the Tov Province nearing the Gorkhi-Terelj National park. The main attraction is an accessible 130 foot statue forged from approximately 250 tons of stainless steel. I was able to walk up the 5 levels. Visitors are…
This review was featured on Sunday December 14th, 2014
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Free! "Sights & Attractions" in Madurai, India
I had noticed that Hindu temples constructed during the the 7th century onwards always had a tank in front or beside it. It formed part of the architecture and served many purposes. It was a water source to the people living around the temple, for religious purposes to bathe the deity or clean the temple,for those people taking a holy dip before their visit into the temple as also for performing t…
This review was featured on Saturday December 13th, 2014
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Expensive "Restaurants, Cafes & Food" in Manila, Philippines
I was still in Lagos, Nigeria when I heard that Tim Ho Wan will open in Manila. I have read about feedback for this restaurant, and I had hoped of having the chance to savor their cuisine. I was excited to see that when I’m in Manila, the restaurants would have opened. I was meeting two sets of friends at Megamall. And in both , we ended up eating at Tim Ho Wan. Well, it lived up to its hy…
This review was featured on Friday December 12th, 2014
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