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Things To Consider When Starting Your Home Remodeling Task
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Dec 20, 2017
You have almost certainly listened to a whole lot about home remodeling throughout the years but you must learn more about this…
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How Dining Has Evolved From a Simple Concept to Dinner Cruises on Sydney Harbour!
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Dec 18, 2017
Dining used to be a simple affair, with people seated around a tablesharing a meal,complimenting the chef if the food was exemp…
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Sep 10, 2010 – Jun 07, 2016
I live in Holland, but I'm doing tourist trips too. To help other people, I write about everything I do in Holland. …
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This blog was featured on Thursday December 13th, 2012
Rio de Janeiro: Rio de Janeiro Travel Photos
posted by:
Dec 16, 2017 – Dec 17, 2017
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How Dining Has Evolved From a Simple Concept to Dinner Cruises on Sydney Harbour!
posted by:
Dec 17, 2017
Dining used to be a simple affair, with people seated around a table sharing a meal, complimenting the chef if the food was exe…
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A Week of Fun in Ladakh
posted by:
Dec 16, 2017
How many times have you felt envious after looking at the gorgeous pictures that your social media friends have uploaded after …
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Death Valley, November 2017: Death Valley Travel Photos
posted by:
Nov 24, 2017
Took an impromptu road trip over Thanksgiving weekend.
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The Örö Fortress Island
posted by:
Jun 17, 2017
As we didn't want to stay over night, we only wanted to do a daytrip to the Örö island, we had a little less than 5 h…
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Holiday Travel: 3 Ways to Keep Your House Safe While You’re Away
posted by:
Dec 15, 2017
Many people across the country travel during the holidays. When you are away from home for several days or longer, you may feel…
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Oh, Nogaro
posted by:
Jun 01, 2018
I've written several books on France and Spain, most found at Smashwords under the theme Pilgrimage. If you look in my new book…
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Kvarken archipelago, Finland
posted by:
Jul 30, 2011
I visited a friend that lives in Vasa, Ostrobothnia in July 2011. She wanted to show me the Kvarken Archipelago and to get ther…
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Sveta Petka Church
posted by:
Jul 10, 2017 – Jul 13, 2017
Sofia, Bulgaria -› -› …
Short trip to Sofia in June 2017
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posted by:
Apr 01, 2017 – Jul 20, 2017
Well, the above (previous) entry was written well over a month ago and I really have decided that I am not capable of keeping a…
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This blog was featured on Sunday April 30th, 2017
List of Amazing Articles
posted by:
Apr 12, 2016
Stuck out at Sea  -  How To Do Laundry when Travellling Wine In Nap…
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Awesome Terracotta soldiers
posted by:
Nov 12, 2017 – Nov 22, 2017
Xi’an Unexpectedly, one of the most impressive archeological site I’ve visited. I highly recommend XiAn to travele…
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posted by:
May 01, 2017 – Oct 13, 2017
Albania -› Tirana, Albania -› …
One of the delights I find in traveling with a tour is that while you may know the general itinerary in advance, nearly every d…
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This blog was featured on Thursday July 13th, 2017
A little safari at the  local national park
posted by:
Nov 22, 2017 – Nov 23, 2017
We arrived early in the morning in Johannesburg. After clearing the immigration and collect our luggage, we head down to Herz c…
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Ideas About Vitamins And Minerals Are Really Effortless When Youve Acquired Great Tips!
posted by:
Dec 12, 2017
It's been stated again and again we ought to be eating far more fresh vegetables than some other source of nutrients and vitami…
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A well deserved rest in Palawan
posted by:
Nov 09, 2017
Stayed in Discovery island resort, a ten minutes boat ride to the town of Coron. Tips:1) GoPro or any underwater camera is a m…
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Different Laws: 3 Common Mistakes Travelers Make Driving out of Town
posted by:
Dec 06, 2017
You take driving for granted. Chances are, when you get in the car to head out of town, you don’t even stop to think abou…
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Alemannic Fastnacht in Gengenbach: Special Carnival Traditions
posted by:
Feb 05, 2017
Witches, Spättlehansel, Klepperle and Lumbehund  Gengenbach's carnival, in local dialect called „Fasend“…
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posted by:
Aug 25, 2017 – Sep 03, 2017
I woke rather early this morning as I didn't want to oversleep and miss the bus to the convention center. Though I didn't get t…
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This blog was featured on Friday December 8th, 2017
Pilgrimage: Greece Travel Photos
posted by:
May 13, 2015 – May 16, 2015
Part of my soul is still there!
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posted by:
Aug 14, 2017 – Aug 21, 2017
We hadn\'t planned out the second part of our trip until we got to Mexico, but decided we\'d visit Tulum, which ended up being …
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This blog was featured on Thursday September 14th, 2017
posted by:
Dec 12, 2017
Australia, though the smallest continent, is jam-packed with destinations that can sweep you off your feet. In fact, there is s…
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