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Most helpful hotel reviewers for the past week.

The hotel reviewer leaderboard shows the most helpful hotel reviewers from the last week. Each week starts on Monday, 12:00AM PST.
The top 20% of members with the most points for the past week get a special Most Helpful Hotel Reviewer Award, awarded at the end of each week.

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This Week's Most Helpful Hotel Reviewers (0 days, 6 hours left)

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How Points Are Determined

  • Only new reviews from Monday, 12:00AM PST until now are calculated.
  • +100 points for writing a hotel or hostel review. (must have a minimum of 100 words)
  • +10 points for every 100 words in your review (maximum of 50 points total). Please keep your review focused to your opinion of the hotel, not generic information about the hotel.
  • +5 points for every hotel review photo you upload with your review. (maximum of 25 points total). Please only upload your own photos of the hotel
  • +5 points for every time someone votes your review "helpful"
  • Stats are calculated every 15 minutes, and may be slightly out of date if you have new reviews

Rules & Guidelines

  • The purpose of this award is to encourage the writing of helpful and trustworthy hotel reviews, which everyone in the TravBuddy community benefits from.
  • Users who try to "game" or abuse the system will be penalized or disqualified from receiving this award
  • Do not write reviews of hotels you have not stayed at
  • Do not upload photos that are not related to the hotel
  • Do not upload photos of the hotel that are not yours
  • Do not add extra irrelevant text or try to "pad" your reviews with generic information about the hotel. TravBuddies care about your honest opinion of the hotel, not info they can easily find on the hotel's website.
  • Do not copy and paste information that is not yours, or content from other websites, into your review
  • Do not participate in "vote getting" schemes. Only vote for reviews that you really think are useful.
  • Do not create fake accounts, or have your friends or family create accounts, for the purpose of trying to gather more votes
  • Do you see someone posting fake hotel reviews? Click on their profile, then click "Report Inappropriate/Spam" to let us know.
  • Our goal is to ensure a fair, transparent, and fun process that encourages the contribution of helpful content and rewards those who make the effort to contribute their advice. If you have any questions or concerns, or feel that someone is abusing the system, please contact either Eric or David. Thanks!

Examples of Helpful Hotel Reviews