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TravBuddy is a site for people who love to explore the world around them. You can use TravBuddy to find travel buddies, record travel experiences in travel blogs, or share travel tips with travel reviews.

Thousands of people have met in real life and traveled together as a result of using TravBuddy. Read their testimonials here.

No matter where you are exploring, we hope this site will make it easy and fun for you to chronicle your experiences, both past and present. We hope that it will also be an invaluable resource for keeping in contact with family and friends, and for making new friends from all around the world.

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The TravBuddy Team

The TravBuddy Team

Eric Bjorndahl

Eric graduated from the University of California at Berkeley with a degree in Computer Science. He spent a semester studying abroad in Rome and has traveled to France, Switzerland, Spain, England, China, Taiwan, Panama, Costa Rica, and various other places. When he's not coding, he loves to surf, read, and eat dark chocolate.

David Bjorndahl

David graduated from the University of Texas at Austin in 2004 with a degree in Computer Science. David has traveled to many parts of the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. Abroad David has traveled to China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Greece, Panama, Mexico, and Costa Rica. David now resides in beautiful Austin, Texas.

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If you have any problems, ideas, or suggestions, there are few ways you can contact us:

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  2. Post to the travel forums help section. General questions about how to use the site.
  3. Send feedback to help AT travbuddy [dot] com.
  4. Directly contact a member of the TravBuddy team from the list above. We are real people and happy to help.
  5. For press inquiries, please contact eric AT travbuddy [dot] com

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TravBuddy in the News

15th Annual Webby Awards Official Honoree: Social MediaApril 12th, 2011

TravBuddy is proud to be designated a Webby Official Honoree in the Social Media category. Over 10,000 entries were received from all 50 US states and over 60 countries, the Official Honoree distinction is awarded to the top 10% of all work entered that exhibits remarkable achievement. This marks the fourth year in a row TravBuddy has been honored as an Webby Official Honoree.

Webscape: Travel buddies and smart shoppingMarch 11th, 2011

Everyone needs a travel buddy, and web reviewer Kate Russell has 699,467 of them at—a travel based social networking site where members can share experiences, tips and reviews—and even find other people to meet up with along the way.

4 Web Sites That Help Travelers ConnectMay, 2010

Helps users find people with matching travel plans; say, someone to share the driving on a European road trip. Members can also create and comment on trip blogs, complete with photos and maps.

The Webby Awards Official Honoree: Social NetworkingApril 13, 2010

TravBuddy is proud to be designated a Webby Official Honoree in the Social Networking category for the second year in a row. Previously TravBuddy was also named an Official Honoree in the Travel category in 2008.

The Webby Awards Official Honoree: Social NetworkingApril 15, 2009

“The Official Honoree distinction is awarded to the top 15% of all work entered that exhibits remarkable achievement. With nearly 10,000 entries received from all 50 states and over 60 countries, this is an outstanding accomplishment for you and your team.”

The GuardianNovember 15, 2008

“With…over 185,000 ‘future travel’ plans entered, TravBuddy is one of the largest services for finding a travel companion online. You can post your travel blog, photos and tips on the site too.”

Budget Travel MagazineMay 8, 2008

“TravBuddy is a social-networking site that caters to people looking for travel partners. After you create a profile, you can post the details for any trips you have planned to see if others will be there at the same time.”

Real Simple TravelMarch 2008, p.45

“…use to connect with locals who will meet for coffee or suggest spots to visit off the beaten path.”

The Webby Awards Official Honoree: Travel

“The Webby Awards honors the outstanding work that is setting the standards for the Internet,” said David-Michel Davies, executive director of The Webby Awards. “TravBuddy's Official Honoree selection is a testament to the skill, ingenuity, and vision of its creators.”


“There's certainly a lot of value in travelers participating in a social network like TravBuddy...Overall, I found TravBuddy to be a nicely designed and very easy to use site; it's clear that the developers have spent a lot of time on the details…”

PC World

“TravBuddy presents a…similar set of features [to competitors] in a simpler interface.”

ExaminerMarch 24, 2009

“TravBuddy is a site that has grown due to the passion of its members. TravBuddies are willing to help others experience the joys of traveling. Whether you are traveling domestically or to the most exotic locations, TravBuddy has the information you need to plan a trip and the avenues to share your photos and memories when you return.”

Daily BreezeMarch 2, 2009

“The ultimate travel companion…1.5 million members of blog, make friends on the site.”

Metropolis Issue #688

Interview with Eric Bjorndahl, Co-Founder of TravBuddy. Also, check out the Metpod Podcast interview with Eric.

The Indianapolis Star

“TravBuddy is a social networking site that makes it possible to find travel companions by posting your travel plans in a profile for others to see.”

Florida Sun-Sentinel

“…enables travelers to find companions for their next big trip.”


“If you're an aspiring globe-trotter or even a seasoned traveller, this new site TravBuddy is worth a look.”

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TravBuddy is one of fastest growing, most socially active travel communities on the web. With over 1.7 million registered members, hundreds of thousands of blogs and reviews, and millions of travel photos, TravBuddy is the premiere source for first-hand travel information.


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Press and Awards

TravBuddy has been praised by BBC, NBC Nightly News, Budget Travel, The Guardian, PC World and many others. TravBuddy was also selected as an Official Honoree in the Travel category for the 2008 Webby Awards and an Official Honoree in the Social Networking category for the 2009 Webby Awards

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Why TravBuddy?

Our savvy members are highly educated influencers and early adopters of the online travel world. TravBuddy is also one of the largest travel communities on the internet.

TravBuddy Member Statistics

Community Statistics

TravBuddy Home Countries

United States: 27%
United Kingdom: 13%
Netherlands: 7%
Canada: 5%
India: 5%
Australia: 4%
Germany: 2%
Philippines: 2%
France: 2%
Italy: 1%

TravBuddy Hometowns

London: 9,200
New York: 3,989
Toronto: 3,755
Los Angeles: 3,251
Sydney: 3,170
Melbourne: 2,852
San Francisco: 2,472
Chicago: 2,430
Amsterdam: 2,426
New Delhi: 2,397


Male: 55%
Female: 45%

Happiest TravBuddies


Destination Statistics

Most Blogged Countries

United States: 19%
United Kingdom: 5%
Australia: 4%
Thailand: 3%
Italy: 3%
China: 3%
France: 3%
Spain: 3%
Germany: 3%
Netherlands: 2%

Most Blogged Cities

New York: 3,641
London: 3,525
Bangkok: 2,309
Paris: 2,114
Amsterdam: 1,556
Sydney: 1,483
Beijing: 1,310
Rome: 1,272
Los Angeles: 1,250
Buenos Aires: 1,195

Future Travel Plans

Bangkok: 7,199
London: 6,957
Paris: 6,815
Bali: 6,364
New York: 5,851
Amsterdam: 5,821
Barcelona: 5,226
Las Vegas: 4,728
Rome: 4,111
Los Angeles: 3,414

Dream Destinations

Paris: 4,603
Rome: 4,098
London: 3,902
New York: 3,859
Amsterdam: 2,859
Tokyo: 2,606
Bali: 2,554
Sydney: 2,456
Prague: 2,253
Barcelona: 2,155