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Jiak Kim Street (Besides Grand Copthorne Waterfront), Singapore, Singapore

Zouk Singapore Reviews

irwanshah irwanshah
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When the sun sets, this is the place to be Oct 09, 2014
Split into 3 different rooms, Zouk, Phuture and Velvet Underground. Zouk plays trance, house, electronic on weekends AND old school mambo on Wednesdays. Phuture spins RnB and songs that you normally hear on the radio nowadays (a little too chessy for my taste), while Velvet has a laid back vibe playing deep house. Entry fee is from $28-$33 that comes with 2 free drinks.

It's great crowded at around 12am-1am, so be there early to avoid long queues at the entrance.

Great music, atmosphere, people, frequent blasts from the smoke machines, great sound system.
mashari says:
Thanks, it is really useful review because I am looking for trance music
Posted on: Jan 11, 2014
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Blast Off Dec 16, 2011
Every since I decided to go to Singapore I heard about this famous club called Zouk. I knew the crowd would mostly be early 20s and tourist. I easily made friends with a group of really nice local college students. They were happy to show me around that night and I continued to hangout with them throughout my stay in Singapore. Zouk is split into 3 different clubs. Zouk with a large dance-floor and state-of-the-art sound and lighting, catering to a variety of artists. It can get very crowded especially when their is a famous DJ. There is almost no moving in the crowd. Velvet Underground, a quieter, more relaxed lounge that plays house and soul. I spent most of my time in VU. Phuture, a more avant-garde bar specializing in broken beats and hip-hop/RnB.

I went to Zouk 5 times while I was in Singapore my only complaint is the cost to get into the club 33SGD and the cost of alcohol was high. Though in Singapore liquor is taxed very heavily.

Overall Zouk was a great club that I enjoyed going to every weekend.
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samanthapong samantha…
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Mambo Night Mar 03, 2011
It's ladies night cum Mambo on Wednesdays! All ladies must definitely take a look at Zouk. You can never find people dancing the way in Mambo! Drinks are 1-for-1 if paying with Citibank Credit Cards. All time favourite cocktail is Dreamer. But only available at Wine Bar which is outside Zouk.
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jqjq jqjq
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Zouk Jun 12, 2011
Zouk is my favourite club in singapore

Comprised of 4 sections: Winebar, Velvet underground, Phuture and Zouk

Winebar is great for chilling out with friends, drinks are generally cheaper, kinda like a preclub bar.

Velvet underground has a posh setting and has a older crowd due to its age restriction.

Phuture is where the young ones are! The place is packed every time. There is not much room to move around. Plays the latest music and people will be dancing all the place.

Lastly Zouk! The biggest room in the club. The main dance floor where most events is being hosted there!

Ladies! Go on a wed night and you will be very much rewarded! Wednesday is ladies night and mambo night! Ladies enter free and has access to all the other rooms. They will be playing song like "summer rain", "Mambo no.5", "heaven on earth","uptown girl". Retro and Classic. They have this set of dance steps which is actually hand movements to each song and its pretty funny to see everyone moving in coordination and animatedly. Haa. My friends taught me the steps to summer rain the other time. Much fun!

Well, if you are feeling poor, back when i was a real poor student, we would hop over to holiday inn and get the bottles of alcohol from there (costing ard 70SGD compared to opening a bottle in the club which is ard 220SGD) and drink by the riverside, play some games and chit chat before heading over to zouk to dance the night away.

Or maybe dinner at the nearby Zion food center where they have yummylicious local eats from char kway teow to the very famous prawn noodles!
fivefatfleas says:
I liked the part about Holiday Inn's liquor stores! It's true, the drinks there are much more affordable and you get to enjoy the nice riverside atmosphere with your friends before entering the club.
Posted on: Feb 24, 2012
fynng fynng
2 reviews
Ladies night Apr 20, 2011
My favorite club in Singapore.

There are 4 areas in the club you could go to: Zouk, Phuture, Velvet Underground and Wine Bar(outside the clubs).

Ladies night on Weds are always a blast. Mambo nights, which is also on Wed nights, are held in Zouk. More retro music are played. I would say it's nice for first time experiences, but after that, Phuture is probably more for me.

Phuture plays hiphop and rnb music on Weds. However, it's pretty small, and you have to get there early on Wed nights to gain entry. Moreover, there are no free flows on ladies night. but don't worry, for ladies, you could always club hop to other clubs at clarke quay (eg. Attica) to get free drinks, before heading back to Zouk for the party.
nysg nysg
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Great place to start the night Jul 16, 2011
Zouk is a great place to start the night. There's always specials and promotions. Lot's of lively music and energetic people. Come early because the lines can get long. One of my favourite places in Clarke Quay.
fun2travelwith fun2trav…
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Zouk Jun 02, 2011
Great soundsystem. Excellent lighting. Good music, regular interenational djs. Worth a viit but select the party you are attending, as its too loud to speak in there! So make sure you enjoy the music.
petitefleur petitefl…
14 reviews
Jun 22, 2007
Zouk is my 2nd favorite club in Singapore, and the most established and successful one in town for as long as I was legalized..

There are 4 main areas in Zouk..: THe wine bar, Zouk, Phuture, and Velvet Underground.. with House, Deep House, Lounge, HipHop and R&B, all under a roof.. Literally :)

Zouk's the cool place to be coz it hosts great international DJs every week! My favorite French DJs: Martin Solveig, Dimitri, Stephane Pompougnac.. they have all left their footprints in this great club before.. and Zouk's been named one of the Top 50 in the World. Note that this is an achievement for my tiny dot on the map woohoo!

Zouk's famous for its Wednesdays Mambo night.. Get a good giggle seeing everyone dance in animated forms! I've never learnt how to rumble my arms and legs.. but it's a scene not to be missed, and oh yeah, people do dress up for Mambo! Imagine getting back to the 70s, or getting awed at the futuristas who dress like they come from 2020! Hahaha...

Zouk is also the main organizer for our annual beach party Zoukout.. where international DJs flood our shores... This year, they're even holding a party in the National Stadium! That's a good change from watching tiny men chasing over a super tiny ball!

For all music enthusiasts, you have to check Zouk out. The crowd's pretty civilised and a ticket from Velvet would get you hopping across all the venues. Have fun!
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