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Zlatibor Overview

Zlatibor (Златибoр) is a very popular mountain range in Serbia. It is located in south west part of Serbia, not far from the border with Bosnia. Part of the Dinaric Alps, and only 230 km away from Belgrade, since the breakup of former Yugoslavia it has become the most popular tourist destination for Serbian people. The average height is 1000 meters, with the highest peak Tornik at just about 1500 m.
Zlatibor means "Golden Pine" in Serbian, and abundance of pine trees is what characterizes this mountain. Beautiful combination of slopes and valleys, breathtaking scenery, aromatic pines, lakes, old wooden houses, incredible fresh air and delicious food make Zlatibor such a popular vacation spot all year round.
Visiting local market is a must. Fresh cheese and other dairy products, smoked meat, "rakija" and many more local delicacies are readily available. They can be tried at the market or enjoyed in many excellent restaurants in town.
Zlatibor is also well known for sweaters and other knitted products made from local wool and by the locals.

Ethnic village Sirogojno is located not far from the town of Zlatibor. It is an open air museum, a collection of old traditional wooden houses from the area, open for visitors to see what the life of locals had been many years ago.

Mokra Gora is another beautiful area of this mountain. It has become known for its incredible natural beauty that was introduced to the world by the famous Serbian director Emir Kusturica in his movie "Life is a Miracle". He's created an award winning ethnic village called Drvengrad (Wooden Town), and lives there. Another very popular attraction here is the old reconstructed steam engine narrow gage railway called Šargan Eight.

Zlatibor is well connected with Belgrade, and with the closest bigger town of Uzice.