Zenobia Wreck

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Larnaca, Cyprus

Zenobia Wreck Larnaca Reviews

lee-arnold lee-arno…
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Dive Zenobia Wreck In Cyprus Apr 21, 2011
What a great dive for everyone, diving down to see a massive ship under water with lorries and trucks still chained to the side of it. If you manage to get near to the bottom (about 46m i think) you can still see eggs along the bottom bobbing around..

The fish are MASSIVE and its such a good dive to do and get a pictue of for any diver its a must do, just for the size of it. Even if your a beginner diver you still get to see loads at 30m, most of the best dives are under 30m...

Ive dove it about 5 time now and would do it again...
Its such a weird feeling going pas…
Some of the vehicles whitch had br…
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dive_life dive_life
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Oct 19, 2007
Today i dived the Zenobia wreck again for the 3rd and 4th time. The day started off perfectly as we set off from limassol on our 45 min drive to larnaca port. The sun was shining(as it usualy does here in cyprus) and the weather was good so we was looking forward to warm water and good vis. We arrived at the Queen Zenobia dive boat at around 8.30am and got our equipment onto the boat and were ready to dive befor 9. As the boat left port around 9.25 everyone was feeling exited yet anxiouse, after all this wreck sits in 42m of water and is 172m long with many rooms and tunnels and not to mention the chance of nitrogen narcosis at these depths. Anyway as we all did our giant stride entery into the deep blue water and gatherd at the drop line ready to decend the anxiouse feelings subsided and shere exitement took over. We decended to around 20m onto the starboard(right) side of the boat and readied our selfs for the dive. As we all took off towards the stern(back) we were greated by hundreds of fish all coming to see who was entering there world. There were many large grouper and several average sized barracuda. We swam under the large funnels inspecting some of the 105 articulated lorrys that call the zenobia home. The sight is overwelming. The lorrys are still full of there cargo, some with skelitons of animals that unfortunatly perished when the boat sank. As we made our way threw the enormouse container doors at the back of the ship we was getting pretty close to deco, so we headed up a little and turned around back towards where the props are. As soon as we turned around the corner the props were clearly visable and there were a few divers taking photos of the props. Each blade of the prop is at least as big as a person. We took a steady swim back towards the accent line and by now a few of the divers i was with were running low on air. We made our way to 5m to do our safty stop while watching the wreck below. By now we was yet again exited. Exited that we had another dive to come in only a few hours where we could explore even more of this enormouse wreck. Over all a fantastic dive i would say one of the best if not the best dive site i have ever been to. The staff on the Queen Zen are brillient they cook up a buffet dinner and help you around the boat. It would tipicly cost around £75CYP for 2 dives and hire of equipment if you need it. Oh and that buttet meal.

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