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Hirabari, Japan

Zen Hirabari Reviews

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The Restrurant Zen Mar 26, 2008
altho this is a semi bad experience i like the resturant and would eat there again. maybe.

Zen is not the name i would choos. i might be tempted to call this place we dont have what we have on the menu. every time i tried to select a meal off the menu the waitress would come back and say we are out of that. well she didnt say we are out of that because she didnt speek english. she said "blahh blahh eeeyyee" (this is my loos translation) and crossed her arms. the resturant was nice and very frendly i liked it a lot but if you go there you beter like raw fish, fish eggs, and any other sort of raw eggy food you can think of. i do enjoy myself some sushi every now and again but this was not the sushi i am use to. after we had chosen thee things off of the menue and none of the were availible our waitress came back and said "we sill make you a sushi dish for ten bucks. is that ok?" i said yes fealing adventures. wrong answer.

what i ate: before the sushi even came india and i orderd some potato things and a toefoo thing. when it came the potatos were placed around an egg and covered in fish eggs. oh i forgot to mention im not a big fan of eggs of fish eggs for that matter. then when the toefoo thing came guess what it was covered in. you got it. fish eggs yay my favorite. i dont thing i need to tell you guys but for thoes of you who dont know me i will eat just about any thing. so needless to say all of the food i am talking about i ate most of. after i had finished the patatos and toefoo thing the sushi was ready. india and i couldnt tell what kinds of fish there were but i did know two of them were squid. there were eight things. they were balls of rice whith the fish or squid layed on top. i started with the fish it was good and i thought this is nice, but then i tride the squid. imagian room tempereture squid that has been skined and thats about it. also it smells like....... well squid. and when i tried to bight into it the squid was to hard. so i took the whole thing in an attempt to be polite. India said it looked like i was going to cry. while i was realy just trying not to yak. some how i got the whole thing down and didnt barf. i was so proud of myself. i finished the every thing ells on my plate but tere was still one squid left. so thats right round two. i handled it a little better and managed to bight it in half wich wasnt easy. it wasnt as bad but i will never eat squid again if i can help it. the problem with that statement is squid is every were in this country.

all in all i would say that the resturant Zen is a cool place and the staff is very nice. just be carful when you order.

P.S. there is no english in the place so if you dont speek japanies good luck.
not actualy taken at zen. but i th…
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