You know you are from Copenhagen when...

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Copenhagen, Denmark

You know you are from Copenhagen when... Reviews

Annatasja Annatasja
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Oct 08, 2007
1. You have never been to the National Museem, The States museum for arts or Christiansborg.

2. You can end up in a four hour long discussion about how to get from Nørrebro to Valby the easiest way- without knowing where Roskilde is.

3. You cannot leave your apartment without checking the initiary plan on the net- even though you are visiting a friend who lived in the same place for nine years.

4. You think that your ability to smear another person in his own language make you multi linguistic

5. You've considered stabbing another person for using the word "Staden" about Copenhagen...and not Christiania.

6. You think the Kings garden, Frederiksberg Garden and HC Ørstedsparken are nature spots.

7. You pay 1000 $ for an "apartment" the size of a wardrobe and consider it a find.

8. You've been to Malmö twice- and got lost both times.

9. You spend more money on transportation each month than most people in the country spend on rent.

10. You haven't seen more that 12 stars in the sky, since you went camping as a child

11. You haven't heard the sound of silence since the 80's...and back then it scared you.

12. You pay 10$ for a beer without hesitation- even though the bar bought it for 50 cents.

13. You take fashion very seriously

14. Spending time alone makes you nervous

15. You have more menues on you fridge than drawings from you children.

16. Going to Aarhus is a "road trip".

17. Denmark west of the Storebælt sea only exists in theory.

18. You take the bus to the gym

19. You got at least five "worst cab stories".

20. You do not notice sirenes anymore

21. Your greengrocer is Turkish, your Italian pizza guy is from Palestine, your paperboy is Polish, you favourite bartender is Irish, you bus driver is Indian, you drive with Pakistani cab drivers and you maid is from Letland.

22. You are suspecious towards polite strangers.

23. You think that 20$ to cross a bridge is cheap.

24. Your door has minimum two locks.

25. You consider eye contact a hidden sign of aggression.

26. To pay 5$ to get from the city hall place to Vesterbro- by bus- is cheap.

27. You are willing to rent a room out to mysterious creatures- just to split the rent.

28. There's no East and West.

29. When you travel- in the Middle East- you miss "real fallafel".

30. You miss real pizza when you're in Italy.

31. You are not interested in going to the city hall place on New Years Eve.

32. Your biological clock tells you when to set the parking watch.

33. You know how to fold MetroXpress and Urban vertically, so you can read it on the bus without bothering the guy next to you.

34. If anyone bumbs into you, you check if you still got your wallet.

35. Film crews in your area are not exiting- but extremely annoying.

36. People from "Jutland" can't find their ass if it scratches, but they know that you are from Copenhagen as soon as you open your mouth.

37. Your local news are national news.

38. You think you know better than anybody else...when you

39. A yellow light equals "speed up".

40. A red light means "speed up" as you only have one second until the other light turns green.

41. You order food- and has it delivered.

42. Just-eat is not on your bookmark list- it's in your head.

43. You are able to debate that the Round Tower is not quite round but Christian the 4th doesn't ring a bell.

44. You happily wait 50 minutes to get a cab on a Saturday night, even though walking would take you 20 minutes.
The guards at Amalienborg
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woonting says:
do anyone know how to get from Aarhus to Bergen? have any train from aarhus to bergen? if yes, how long it takes and how much is it? thanks
Posted on: Jul 29, 2010
christopher_daubercy says:
Posted on: Sep 18, 2009
Annatasja says:
Nope I found it somewhere- Facebook maybe. I can definitely see myself in some of it:)
Posted on: Feb 22, 2009
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