Yosemite Falls

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Yosemite National Park, California

Yosemite Falls Yosemite National Park Reviews

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Yosemite Falls May 12, 2013
The snow and rain had fallen pretty hard over the Sierra Nevada mountains and National Forest last winter. So even as late as may, there was still snow up to 10 inches in some areas of the park. This meant the water volume from the falls was high. we were excited to take the short hike to the bottom of the falls to see the water drop thousands of feet from above.

The falls is majestic, ranked fifth in the world, it is definitely worth the journey. The hike to the falls from the bus stop is short and is along a paved walk way. I found it easy to hike with my family and we thoroughly enjoyed seeing it.

PS: Do not leave for tomorrow what you can do today!
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Highest waterfall in North America. May 03, 2011
Falling a total of 2,420 feet from the top of the uppermost falls to the base of the lower falls, Yosemite Falls is the highest measured falls in North America. This one alone would make Yosemite National Park a standout place to visit, but it is only one of several waterfalls that are year round falls, although in a few drought years it has gone dry by late summer. Yosemite Falls actually falls in three parts, the upper level which is 1,430 feet, then the middle cascades where they drop another 670 feet, and the lower falls which are another 320 feet. The Lower Falls are very easily accessible in Yosemite Valley. The top of the Upper Falls may be reached via a steep, strenuous, and usually crowded 3.50 mile hike. The Upper Falls may also be reached via several routes from the Tioga Road to the north.

Legends abound here at the lower falls.

The Ahwaheechee tribe of Yosemite Valley called the waterfall "Cholock" and believed that the pool at its base was inhabited by the spirits of several evil spirits, called the Poloti. One legend describes a woman going to fetch a pail of water from the pool, and drawing it out full of snakes. Later that night, after the woman had trespassed into their territory, the spirits caused the woman's house to be sucked into the pool by a powerful wind, taking the woman and her newborn baby with her.

I have added several shots taken May 2, 2011 which will show the spring flow, which is much greater in this huge waterfall.
Taken during the nice spring heavy…
Taken late summer.
Taken late summer.
Taken late summer.
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spocklogic says:
Impressive - Most Impressive!
Posted on: Mar 28, 2012

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