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Sagada, Philippines

Yoghurt House Sagada Reviews

yasuyo yasuyo
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Good quality of Yoghurt! Mar 18, 2014
I've visited this place both of days I was staying in Sagada.

Because taste of yoghurt at this restaurant is quite nice!! I never ever had like this yoghurt before.

We were three person,two of us ordered yoghurt with banana with crush nuts on top. One of us ordered plan one,yoghurt with honey. I think this one is the best!

Usually we have white color of yoghurt but it was yellowish. I think it's natural. Taste also natural,I didn't feel so much acidity like other yoghurt has.

Taking things by and large at Sagada, they don't use much process food I think. Because they use brown sugar everywhere I saw. Maybe that honey which put on the yoghurt also has natural sweets.

The restaurant located main area,just walk 5min from information center. Out looking is nice and there are always someone sitting down at up stairs balcony. I prefer to sit down there as well when I visited there. At the balcony there are small tables made by wood board and some chairs. The atmosphere is so nice this is why everyone want to sit at balcony!

We ordered both yoghurt was 85php each. I think it was cheapest one. Unfortunately we didn't have a chance to eat meal at there,just smelled good taste of foods.
Yoghurt with honey
Yoghurt with Banana
Three of us at inside,up stairs...…
View from balcony
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yasuyo says:
Thank you for your nice comments on my review pictures here :)
Please don't miss the place if you ever visit Sagada in Philippines!
Posted on: Feb 18, 2017
This seem to be a very nice place for a break. The yoghurt looks delicious. Fabulous review here.
Posted on: Feb 18, 2017
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andrejav andrejav
751 reviews
mmmmmm Yogurth Feb 02, 2013
Yogurt House has one of the best omelets I have ever tried. I pride myself as someone who can make omelet for queens, but this place has an unfair advantage in incredible cream that they make in house. Price is around 140p for good size breakfast and coffee. I also tried their pancake rolls with cream and jam, and it is equally amazing. Coffee is freshly brewed from local beans and it is very tasty. As the name says, they make their own yogurt and also number of other milk products. Breakfast is the highlight of their food offerings, but they serve lunch and later meals too. Setting is in the wooden house on two floors and nice second floor balcony, with many black and white pictures of local tribal life. Balcony is perfect for chilling out and watching people passing on the only road down to the valley.
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wanderlust_rxist0324 says:
one of my favorite places to eat in Sagada as well :)
Posted on: Feb 10, 2013
andrejav says:
They have yogurt in the stores and there is few places that I have seen in the north that make yogurt and cheese. There is no much cheese in the markets.
Posted on: Feb 03, 2013
yarayarinha7 says:
Interesting... I had no idea dairy was popular in SEA... It's probably mostly for tourists, no?
Posted on: Feb 03, 2013
dinsevilla dinsevil…
53 reviews
Yoghurt House Apr 11, 2013
For most travelers to Sagada, the outdoor stuff would essentially be the highlight for their trips. As for me, Yoghurt House IS my highlight. I absolutely love the pasta and fresh veggies. Their yoghurt, of course, is to die for.

I love everything about the place. It is tiny and cozy. The lighting is great, interior is wooden and has a lovely feel to it.

I practically ate all my meals at the Yoghurt House whilst staying in Sagada the whole time.
neo_dare_devil neo_dare…
18 reviews
Food Haven Apr 08, 2011
Compared to other restaurants in Sagada I think this one is the most sought after .

It was on our second day, that we actually had the chance to Try the food at this restaurant .

For breakfast , I ordered their breakfast special ( I don't know if I remember it right ) but it's a combo meal of pancake, egg, yogurt , banana fruit and berry toppings + hot drink and it cost me around $3 USD.

Aside from that , if you're craving for pasta sure they also have that .

If you are a veggie lover there's a vegetable + meat/tuna combo meal for you a-la-chow-fan style .

All of their servings are good for two person so if you have a big appetite (like me) I would definitely say that you would love this place.

Don't fret if you want to drink alcohol because they have it too .

Lastly, don't forget to try their mouth watering yogurt dessert that made them famous .It was delicious and lots of flavors to choose from.

Definitely, all I can say are positive things about the service , food and ambiance . I would surely go back at this place.
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iresmae iresmae
2 reviews
Sagada Trip Apr 26, 2011
We had a three days vacation in Sagada and what we love in this restaurant was the food and the yogurt! Wow i so love it. So yummy and i am still craving for it. If you will try to visit Sagada, you drop by in this restaurant. It is very accessible and well known in the place.
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emhergarcia emhergar…
10 reviews
The Famous Yoghurt House Mar 16, 2011
When we visited Sagada last year of January, a friend recommended that we should try and never miss the yoghurt house. Immediately after caving, we went here just to have a dinner. We did not change clothes just to make it there before they close. We didn't realize that it would really be cold outside after having dinner. It's worth the experience and food was amazing.
tashgorgeous tashgorg…
30 reviews
One of the best bet in Sagada Apr 10, 2010
It was well recommended by my friends who have been up to Sagada. So I made sure that I dragged my friends there on our short trip there.

Generally speaking, good food is scarce in the whole city, so this restaurant is one of the treats. They serve basic food like sandwiches and pasta which is comforting to find when you've grown tired of all the rice meals in all other restaurants or inns in the area. Their specialty, needless to say are their yoghurts - they're home-made and are really worth the visit.

The interior is very quaint and domestic, you'd feel at home.

Although I found the service a little to slow. The wait staff aren't very attentive. I guess just dont go when you're extremely hungry.
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sarsicola sarsicola
5 reviews
for yoghurt and non-yoghurt lovers Apr 22, 2009
Nicest food you'll find in sagada specially the yoghurt which made this resto famous. Do not leave sagada without eating at yoghurt house.

me and my girlfriends actually ate there for 3 times in our 2 day stay at sagada.
misericordia miserico…
1 reviews
Yummy Yoghurt! Oct 03, 2008
For the sake of all you yoghurt lovers out there... i tried the yoghurt at Yoghurt house! I am not fond of yoghurt (bleeech!!!), BUT the yoghurt at Yoghurt house is actually quite tasty! I tried the yoghurt with graham bar (tastes like those cereal bars) with banana and strawberry ice cream. Yummm... told you it was tasty ;)

*Did i write yoghurt too many times?!*

Favorite Dish: You have to try their MIXED VEGETABLE RICE TOPPING...


Hmmm… let me see.

1. The vegetables are sooo fresh, it tastes like they just got harvested

2. The rice grain... man... it was the best rice i have ever tasted in my life! Soft, white, plump, aromatic.... delicioso!

So, go feast on it when you visit the Yogurt House.
THE Yoghurt House

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