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5-14 St. Pauls Churchyard, London, United Kingdom
+44 (0)207 348 8726

Yo! Sushi London Reviews

alexandraa92 alexandr…
8 reviews
fun & tasty Mar 19, 2013
On my last trip to London I was craving sushi (not uncommon in my case) and decided to go to Yo! Sushi. After a quick view on their website I discovered that they have Super! Sumo! Sundays! where they invite you to an "all you can eat" session (quite common in Holland so glad I found this elsewhere as well). I went to the one on Picadilly Circus.

For a price of £19.50 you can sit down at the belt and grab any sushi plate you like! The only colors you cannot pick are the grey and yellow plates but during my one-hour (maximum) stay I did not see any of those colors come by so technically you could just take anything. And by anything, i mean anything. This is an actual "all you can eat"; there is no limit in plates. The only limit is, as I said, the one hours stay but trust me; before the hour is over you'll be stuffed. Also, water, green tea and miso soup are included in the price so I did not pay any extra on drinks. Water is for yourself to reach as there is a tap right in front of you.

The food was great, it is prepared in the middle of the belt so you can keep an eye on the chefs. Most plates give you multiple sushis and taste good. By good I mean way better than sushi from a prepared food section in the supermarket but, naturally, less yummy than in an actual Japanese restaurant.

The staff is very friendly and helpfull, they don't rush you during the one hour stay and walk around frequently.

Good food, nice people and most of all a fun experience with the belt going by and all.
a girl's gotta eat (;
panorama Yo! Sushi Picadilly Circus
good food, great fun
Yo! Sushi Picadilly Circus
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spocklogic says:
Sort of a mixed selection of reviews here, but looks like they are all in different establishments of the chain. Your experience seems a positive one and others speak of it being pricey (in adding up over dishes), so with the buffet you mentioned, seems a good deal maybe!
Posted on: Mar 19, 2013
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Chokk Chokk
1733 reviews
Great choice and great colors Mar 16, 2012
I was not really getting hungry after my walk, because I had eaten only two hours earlier but it was chilly and I needed to go inside somewhere to get some heat and all the pubs had closed at 11 pm. In front of St. Paul’s Cathedral there was a Yo! Sushi branch that still had open. There were not many people in area but a few walked in and out of the sushi restaurant and I decided to enter and have something light and maybe a Japanese beer.

The restaurant was extremely colorful and I really enjoyed the interior, I took some food from the food belt that displayed the different dishes together with a Japanese beer. The food was good but I only tasted a few rolls and the atmosphere was so-so, due to it was closing time. I called it a night and went to the cashier and paid. I was given a tired smile and my best guess was that it had been a long day for her.
Yo! Sushi
Yo! Sushi
Yo! Sushi
Yo! Sushi
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leblanc says:
It is an easy stop to grab decent food if you are in a hurry
Posted on: Aug 19, 2013
Fitnessguru729 Fitnessg…
131 reviews
Sushi Party! Dec 27, 2011
Yo Sushi was a great starting point on my England Adventure last week(pics coming soon). The US Dollar is not great in the United Kingdom right now but I really liked Yo Sushi. You simply sit down at the Sushi bar and there is a moving belt with all different kinds of Sushi..I cleaned about 5 bowls of sushi lol. I was starving after my long 8 hours flight and 2 hour bus ride. I recommend this joint to anyone that loves Sushi!!!
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sarahsan sarahsan
403 reviews
Efficient way of eating sushi Nov 13, 2010
I was in London Heathrow airports terminal 3 and I had 3,5 hour to kill until my next flight. One thing I needed to do was to find something to eat. I have been in T3 many times and have walked by Yo! Sushi the same amount of times, but never stopped there. It was about time I thought.

Yo! Sushi is a chain and they have about 20 restaurants in central London as well as restaurants throughout the UK, Dublin, Moscow, Dubai, Bahrain and Kuwait.

When you go to Yo! Sushi you wait to be seated. Then you get a very informative menu. Each piece of sushi, hot dishes and desserts are well explained. It´s a typical conveyor belt sushi place with colour coded plates, which represent the different prices on the sushi (£1,70-£5). Each plate has a lid stating until which time it can be displayed. Seeing how busy this place was it would never get that old. They offer unlimited water (still or sparkeling) for £1, unlimited green tea for £1,50 and unlimited miso soup for £1,75 . Beers, wines, champagne, sake, soft drinks and juices can also be ordered.

Yo! Sushi serves both cold and hot dishes. The cold once like the rolls, nigeri sushi, handrolls, sashimi and salads circles around on the conveyor belt, while the hot dishes like soups, rice & noodles, katsu, gyoza, yakitori and teriyaki have to be ordered. There is a red button by each seat and you just press it and a waiter comes running.

When you have finished you just press the red button again and a waiter comes and counts your damage. You then take the bill to the cashier and pay. Each plate does not seem pricy, but it adds up and can get pretty expensive. 8 plates came to £27. You can also buy boxes with pre made sushi. I don´t know if this is only available in the airport restaurant.

I can recommend Yo! Sushi. It´s very easy, it´s efficient and the sushi is good.
Yo! Sushi at London Heathrow airpo…
Yo! Sushi
Yo! Sushi
Conveyor belt
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sarahsan says:
Brian, I hope you get to try excellent sushi one of these days! It´s great food! I can´t wait to arrive in Japan and to have some fabulous sushi!
Posted on: Mar 23, 2013
spocklogic says:
I've yet to have the great sushi experience I think. Even in Japan I didn't get one. Maybe because I've never dined with anyone who really knows it well and can make good suggestions. I follow your sushi trail...
Posted on: Mar 19, 2013
nyprne says:
Very imformative review. Love Miso soup!
Posted on: Nov 15, 2010
1morespicy 1morespi…
28 reviews
The worst one in town! Mar 07, 2009
This Yo! Sushi is located in a very busy corner in the food hall at Selfridges on Oxford Street. I've been to quite a few of these all around town and this is by far the worst one.

The first thing you'll notice is the unbelievable queue to get a seat. I was quite fortunate in that I was on my own and the staff work down the line to fill every stool in the place. If there are more than one of you be prepared to wait. Alternatively, cross the road and about 5 mins down on the right there is another one that's normally pretty empty.

The rest of the experience almost the same as all the other restaurants except that there is just no space at all anywhere. The lighting is horribly bright and I constantly had my stool nudged by customers and staff trying to squeeze past.

The sushi isn't actually that bad but it can get pricey. I would avoid this one though and go to the one in Poland Street in Soho.
sarahelaine sarahela…
651 reviews
Jan 31, 2008
Yo! Sushi sells sushi. This particular branch is in Paddington station, but there are branches across the UK. It has many small plates that run around on little tracks, and you help yourself; at the end, a waitres comes and adds up hte bill according tothe number ofplates you have and what colour they are. Green ones, for example, are a lot cheaper than grey ones. There is also green tea and miso soups, with free refills of both.

The food is pretty good, and I had three cups of the miso, which for me, is the mark of decent japanese food. Obviously, it's about as authentic as I would be in a kimono, but it tastes really nice, so who's checking?

It does get pricey, though - by the time you've had three bowls of food it adds up. I think the ones outside of Paddington might be a bit more relaxed, but this being a station, there's quite a noodle-bar atmosphere, which I really enjoy, especially as I'm often on my own and that can be uncomfortable sometimes.

I'd recommend it.
SoloSister says:
Love Yo! Sushi - we have them all over the place.
Posted on: Feb 08, 2008
w_clemmons w_clemmo…
7 reviews
Aug 05, 2007
Conveyor belt sushi!!! For those of you who love sushi like I love sushi this place is a good place for lunch. It's kinda pricey, so bring your pounds. The food was pretty good: I ate approximately my body weight of sushi while in Tokyo so I'm kinda jaded on anyone else's sushi but this place was pretty good. I would definitely eat there again.

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