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Known since pre-biblical times as ‘the land of milk and honey’, Yemen’s more literal modern branding might be ‘the land of figs and peaches’. It’s a relatively undiscovered corner of the Middle East that’s home to far more stunning sights that even the most optimistic of intrepid tourists could have hoped for, especially for a country that seems to pointedly hide from the rest of the world.

The medina town (and capital city) of San’a is perhaps the best place to start. Ornate old skyscrapers stretch to the yellow-tinged skyline, while the winding back alleys are home to everything from cardamom scented tea and lentils to fiery, fragrant fish curries. It’s romantic and – to foreign visitors – fantastically alien, being the world’s oldest city and still home to most of the mythical stories and sensational concepts you’d expect to surround the tag.

Wadi Hardamawt is full of much darker mythology. Allegedly once teeming with scorpions and home to roaming giants, the name is forever associated with the gates of hell. And it is hot, but it’s certainly not fork-in-the-rear-end torturous, as home to a lush collection of Oases, wondering camels and huge, sandcastle-like castles. On this evidence, hell’s not a bad option, though you’d best keep an eye out for those vicious oversized ants. Ma’rib, meanwhile, has its own satanic leanings, as home to the palace of the daughter of the devil, and makes for a highly surreal desert exploration amongst dusty old ruins.

Out in the (sometimes surprisingly fertile) countryside, you can explore the Lord of the Rings like area around the Haraz Mountains, or head to Shaharah, where a 17th-century limestone bridge still just about crosses a deep gorge, making for a highly photogenic tourist attraction. Shaharah itself is an ancient town spread delicately across a steep valley, with mile upon mile of stunning views.

You’ll find fantastic hospitality here, in a land where plenty still walk the streets with traditional curved daggers strapped to their side and some are even willing to take you out for a float on their dhow across the Red Sea. Yemen, in short, is far, far better than most travelers expect.

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