Yellowstone National Park

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Yellowstone National Park, United States

Yellowstone National Park Reviews

cybersoul cybersoul
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Visit Jun 10, 2015
One of a kind . Most POI were covered in 2 days. Camping was fun as well . If you are looking for cheaper accommodation book early . West yellowstone city is near by which has a lot of hotels , restaurants and Imax Theater . People do stop to take pictures of wild life which slows down the traffic so plan accordingly. There are lots of good places to eat inside the park. There is fuel available as well .If you have time visit the Grand Teton as well.
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cimtech cimtech
87 reviews
My Trip to Yellowstone National Park 2014 Aug 03, 2014
My trip to Yellowstone National Park started from Los Angles LAX to Salt Lake City from there driving to Idaho Falls and then to Yellowstone via Mesa Falls. It was great driving north on Highway 15 at 80-90 (legal speed limit between 75 - 80 miles) miles an hour without getting a speeding ticket. Entering from West Entrance of Route 20, the entrance fee to the park was $ 25.00 valid for a week that includes Grand Teton National Parks as well.

This is the first time I am visiting Yellowstone so filled with great excitement and all the necessary gears jammed packed in my trunk. I made many many stops along the way in Swan Valley and Roaring Mountain.

Norris Geyser Basin, and took me several hours to walk around the basin. I saw some spurting and spewing from some of the geysers, but none went off high for me that day. It was beautiful blue sky day and the walk around the basin was marvelous.

I saw few bisons along the way, in addition to a bear family up close, and deer and Elk. As I passed by the Tower Junction I decided to pull over my car to watch few baby bear playing right along the side of the road! They were climbing up and down a tree and jumping around with their parents watching them closely. All in all great way to end my park visit. Serene is the word that most describes the park that day. Absolutely serene.

I have covered most of the attractions (major attraction), including Madison, Norris, Mammoth Hot Springs, Tower Roosevelt, Fishing Bridge, Lake Village, Bridge Bay, West Thumb, Grant Village and Old Faithful and it took me 2 full day of intensive hiking and driving. It was a great experience and wish to go back again with more time to spare as 2 days and 3 nights is not even close to complete what the park has to offer. I hope you will enjoy the pictures I have taken during my Yellowstone visit. Also I am going to update this review soon I have more time to spare.
Such a beautiful view, could not s…
Entering Montana from Idaho !
I am on the top of the world!
Road between Tower fall and Canyon…
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camwilde camwilde
163 reviews
Yellowstone National Park Mar 14, 2013
We had the opportunity to visit Yellowstone National Park in April 2010. I had always wanted to go and I was not disappointed.

Since it was still early in the year, a good portion of the park was closed. We got as far North as the entrance and as far South as Old Faithful.

So, what makes this park special? Well, there are plenty of animals (bison, eagles, ...), lots of unique fumeroles and hot geological features, and plenty of gorgeous landscapes.

Furthermore, this park is HUGE. We only saw a small portion of it and will need to go back many times to get the full experience.

Highly recommended!
Old Faithful
Squirrel at Old Faithful
Old Faithful
Bald Eagle in West Yellowstone
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TSXSquirrelygirlie TSXSquir…
51 reviews
Don't confuse this with Jellystone...they do have pleanty of bears though. Aug 07, 2011
It really puts everything into perspective when you are walking around seeing all of the bubbling springs and geysers...that yes you are walking around on an active volcano. Once you get beyond that fact you can really enjoy the park. It's beautiful and all the wildlife is so adorable. I remember they stopped traffic so a mama bear and her 3 babies could cross safely. Usually I'm raging in stopped traffic but this time my heart melted and I was all about being as close as I was to these bears. They had rangers there watching the bears and making sure they were safe. People were taking photos and freaking out over the cute bears. I have all my photos of the bears on my phone and they are not that great.

Okay enough about the bears and on to things to see. Of course there is the world famous Old Faithful. It really is pretty amazing but just seeing it once is enough in my opinion. The Mammoth Hot Springs is pretty neat. Here you can look out over the springs, walk out among boardwalks that lead across the hot springs. There is also the Yellowstone Grand Canyon which is beautiful. This goes along with Artist Point which you can see it all along with the breathtaking waterfall. Looking just to take a drive? Hit up Grand Loop Road. It's one of the most scenic and beautiful drives in the United States. I didn't say just the park, I said the entire United States so yeah it's a pretty much must see.

Yellowstone is a very unique national park in my opinion. It's absolutely beautiful, it's on an active volcano and it's basically in 3 states (Wyoming, Montana and Idaho...majority in Wyoming). So I absolutely recommend this park. Like I said about need multiple days to completely enjoy the park. So keep that in mind when planning your trip. But totally check it out.
No duh...
Mammoth Springs.
On my way to Yellowstone!
Sunset in Wyoming.
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Justjoey Justjoey
1 reviews
Amazing Experience Oct 13, 2009
Enter into the largest active volcano in the world and you will be blown away. Mother nature at its best. Two thumbs up!
dhoffm dhoffm
1 reviews
Yellowstone Park and Grand Tetons Aug 20, 2009
The best National Park in the Country withour exception.
Yellowstone River at the connectio…
Bison are everywhere, keep your di…
Fire in the Park is a normal, ever…
Thermal features are wonderful and…
filthyjabba filthyja…
8 reviews
Camping in Yellowstone Dec 03, 2008
Did Yellowstone on a trek America trip with about 5 friends of mine, The night before we entered I stayed in a small town called Gardiner right outside the park.... unluckily for me and my collegues there was a bar in town that just so happend to be selling $1 beers, $2 white russians and $2 Jager shots. Needless to say the following day I was in no humour to be doing anything. nevertheless Yellowstone really impressed me, you can see from some of my pics that the views are breathtaking, and at times felt like you were on another planet, alot of people complained of the smell of rotten eggs(Sulphur released from the Earth)....but it grow on you. we camped for 2 nights in the actaul park.

The first night we stayed up after dinner and drank wild Turket by the fire until about 12 sharing travel stories. we also spotted a Coyote(thought I should throw that in there) Fell asleep then after that with 2 layers of clothes on(-10*C) and in a military sleeping bag... I actually woke up freezing cold... I wont go into the science of it but if you have a good sleeping bag like I had just get in, in your underware, you will be fine.

On the second day we walked around the area surrounding old faithful... there where some bigger Geysers and better sights to see other than Old faithful....maybe I expected to much but it was a little bit of a let down, I was expecting this almighty explosion, I didn't get it tho :-(

Anyway comes highly recommend had a great time...even when I froze my ass off.
X_Drive X_Drive
837 reviews
Jul 18, 2006
Magnificent mountains ranges, swift moving rivers, huge waterfalls, herds of bison and elk, gushing geysers sprinkle the landscape of natures most awe-inspiring playground for adventurers of all ages.

Established in 1872, Yellowstone National Park is America's first national park and is the largest. Located in Wyoming, Montana, and Idaho, it is home to a large variety of wildlife including grizzly bears, bison, elf and wolves and encompasses 3,472 square miles of land. Preserved within Yellowstone National Park are Old Faithful and about half of the world's most extraordinary geysers and hot springs, and the Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone.

With half of the earth’s geothermal features, Yellowstone holds the planet’s most diverse and intact collection of geysers, hot springs, mudpots, and fumaroles (steam vents). Its more than 300 geysers make up two thirds of all those found on earth.

Yellowstone’s vast collection of thermal features provides a constant reminder of the park’s recent volcanic past. Indeed, the caldera provides the setting that allows such features as Old Faithful to exist and to exist in such great concentrations.

Just as a note, there are more people hurt by bison than by bears each year in Yellowstone. Park regulations state that visitors must stay at least 25 yards away from bison or elk and 100 yards away from bears.

There are hotels and motels both inside the park and around the edges, especially on the west and north. Camping is available at 12 campgrounds around the park, many include RV sites. Fishing is one of the many things you will enjoy but no stocking is done and since 2001 they follow a catch and release policy on all fish. Backcountry tours can be arranged.

I recommend visiting this National Park at least once in your life, more often if you can. Plan your trip in advance using the internet, and then double your time allotted, because you will find more things to see and take longer than planned because of crowds, animals, and just because of the beauty. Make sure you are able to spend several days enjoying the enormous number of sights; this park is huge, covering 2.2 million acres.

This is like the Disneyland of nature; you will never get to see it all but it is a place you will never forget.
The Northern entrance to Yellowsto…
Old Faithful Geyser.
Lower Yellowstone Falls in the Gra…
BobMorgan says:
I enjoyed your posting about Yellowstone National Park. I am scheduled to visit Yellowstone during an eleven-day trip July 11-22, 2007.

Posted on: Jun 07, 2007

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