Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem

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1 Brewhouse Yard, Nottingham, United Kingdom
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem - oldest inn in the London. :)
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem - caves next to the Inn
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem - RobinHood statue, nearby the Inn
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem - Standing in front of the Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem Pub (Nottingham, England)November 2006.

Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem Nottingham Reviews

chinthaka_travi chinthak…
1 reviews
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem Jul 11, 2011
nice place to hav a resident ales from a different selections. bit expensive though. remember they are claiming they are the "The oldest Inn in Britain".. i dont know about the history and facts, but its near by the famous "Nottingham Castle" and "RobinHood statue" . if ur going near by Nottingham, then you should visit these places. :)
oldest inn in the London. :)
caves next to the Inn
RobinHood statue, nearby the Inn
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DHaworth DHaworth
29 reviews
Nov 16, 2006
Ye Olde Trip To Jerusalem one of the oldest pubs in all of England. I wanted to come to this pub because i enjoy crusades era history and to me this pub was a big part of the crusades, since the crusaders would stop at the pub before going off to the middle east to fight in the crusades against the saracens. The food i must say was excellent and the brew was even better. The old catacombs i enjoyed. You really become a part of its history when you enter the pub. There are plenty of things to purchase to remember your stay, T-shirts ect. I bought a deck of playing cards. If your ever in Nottingham you have to come to this pub. To me its right up there with seeing Big Ben and the Tower Bridge. The people working and drinking at the pub are friendly and approachable and always willing to tell a good tale over a pint.
Standing in front of the Ye Olde T…
matthew says:
It's still got a lot of the old pub games which you can play.

Did you see the small hanging ship in the main room? It hasn't been dusted in centuries as the last person to do so dropped dead - so legend has it.
Posted on: Mar 22, 2008
carlab carlab
4 reviews
Sep 01, 2006
Suposedly the oldest pub in all of England, the Crusaders under Richard the Lionheart stopped here to drink before heading off. Built under the walls of Nottingham Castle, people know of this pub world round.

It's rooms have low ceilings and I felt like I had entered a museum, not a pub. My family and I had a nice time here. The atmosphere was great, not stiff like some pubs. Welcoming and most staff are keen to tell you about the history if you don't have an accent like them. They started to tell me a story, but after hearing my dad talk, they left me alone.

I would recommend this because it is like nothing you will ever find in North America and it's just a great experiance if you visit the pub and the castle in a day.
travelman727 says:
Great review! Sounds like a splendid place to "prepare" before going off to search for Robin Hood and Friar Tuck :-D
Posted on: Sep 01, 2006

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