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Name: Yanti
Hometown: Jakarta, Indonesia
Location: Jakarta, Indonesia
Join Date: May 5, 2008
Contributions: YantiSoeparno has written about 144 places, shared 7,546 photos, left 6,670 comments, and smiled 6,487 times.
Interested in: meeting new people, meeting other people to travel with, showing people around my hometown, sharing travel tips and blogs
Countries I've Traveled To
Languages Spoken
Indonesian, English, limited French, limited Javanese even I am a Javanese :P
Books you might find in my backpack
Music you might find me listening to while waiting for my plane
Most Memorable Travel Experience
- All travels I did with my daughters, Arin and Raya, for all the experiences that made me grateful as a mother
- My hajj travel for the spiritual experiences
- Japan in January 2007 for the great mixture between culture and high technology
- Jimbaran meet-up 2009 for the awesome TBs I met there and the place I never visited before :P
- East Java 2009 for the funnest craziest and kindest couple I traveled with ;D
- Singapore and Kuala Lumpur 2009, my first solo travel abroad, for all the experiences and the great people I met
- Weekend at Sari's house with Sari, Kimmy, and brother Jan, it was one of the best impulsive decisions I ever made ;D
- Beijing in April 2010, with only "Nihau" and "Xie xie" I dedicated myself to be lost and also for becoming a sudden celebrity because of my headscarf ;D
- India in October 2010 for the unforgetable moments I had there....
- South Korea with my daughters.... chasing for K-Pop stars :P
Hmmm... I am kinda introvert, actually I prefer to meet people that I know, but now I am learning to meet new people by joining TB.
jendara says:
You are welcome my friend:)
Have a great week!!!
Posted on: Jan 15, 2017
Vikram says:
Sweet yanti,it's so nice to see you on TB again, and for your beautiful smiles!!
Posted on: Jan 15, 2017
vances says:
I am well, are you?

Posted on: Jan 15, 2017
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