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Yalta is often referred to as "the perl" of Crimea. Exposed to the sun, washed by gentle waves of the Black sea, sheltered by the Crimean mountains from northern winds, Yalta is always full of charm and attraction. Picturesque landscapes, unique monuments of nature, history and architecture - all this is Yalta. No wonder that Russian nobility had build their palaces here. The main three are Livadia, Vorontsovsky and Massandra (Massandra area, bu not quite near the winery). Also many artists loved to come here for their rest, health and inspiration.

Yalta was founded a long time ago by Greek people. People lived there in ancient times but they didn't call this place Yalta. When you come here you will learn a small nice legend how the name Yalta appeared. You should be aware there are two "Yaltas" - Greater Yalta and Yalta City. Yalta City is Yalta itself, but Greater Yalta is several small towns which situated between Bear Mountain (Gurzuf) and Cat Mountain (Simeiz). So if you stay in: Gurzuf, Massandra, Livadia, Koreis, Miskhor, Alupka or Simeiz you may tell to everybody you stayed in Yalta.

The climate in Yalta is Mediterranean and its air is considered to be salubrious. Yalta has always been a popular summer destination not only for Ukrainians but also for all the people of former USSR.

There are many restaurants, cafes, bars and night clubs here. The main promenade is always full of people. There is a big concert hall, a theater,and a cinema in the city.

Yalta is also famous for its local Massandra winery.

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