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104-108 Bolsover St, London, United Kingdom

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tombom07 tombom07
32 reviews
Affordable backpackers in the centre of London Nov 05, 2016
My friends and I recently made a weekend visit to London.

YHA London Central does what it says on the tin. It is a surprisingly trendy hostel in the heart of London, a ten-minute walk from Oxford Street and in between two busy tube stations: Warren Street; and Oxford Circus. It was pretty easy to find and get around using the hostel as a base.

It cost our group £270 for a 4-bed-dorm for a two night stay, which I found to be great value for London. This works out at about £34/night/person, although I assume there are also larger dorms for a cheaper price.

The staff were all very friendly and helpful. They let us use the luggage storage room before check-in and post check-out. You can pay for lockers or just leave your bags in that room, which is very secure.

There were large, lockable cupboards in our 4-bed-dorm, but you need to take your own padlock. Towels are not provided, however bedding is all pre-made and the staff were more than happy to provide us with extra (flat) pillows after our first night's rough sleep. It is fairly quiet on the street if you're high up enough (we were on the fourth floor), but if you're unlucky and there are noisy boys in the corridors at night time then you may be woken! We also found our room to be quite warm and this was in October.

Wifi is freely available throughout the hostel.

The dorm was very clean and spacious enough for four, with an en-suite bathroom. There was also a communal shower and toilet on our floor (I didn't inspect the rest of the hostel). The hostel itself was very clean too, so I don't have any complaints there.

In the basement there is laundry and a large kitchenette, useful for storing food, cooking and socialising. Great value meals and drinks can also be purchased from the bar on ground floor where the 24-hour-reception is also located. I would recommend a pizza! That area had a nice social feel to it. The hostel can organise tours and discounted rates for shows and attractions. They also have special events each night of the week, for example a quiz night and a Mario Kart contest! I wish I had been there for that on the Sunday night...

Even though it is known as a YHA, a mix of people were staying in the hostel from locals like ourselves to international backpackers to young families. I would highly recommend YHA London Central. I don't think there can possibly be much competition in the way of pricing and location for a modern hostel with great staff and facilities in the centre of London.

The one minor note I have is that the pillows were way too flat, but that's just my personal preference. I got a much better sleep the second night after I'd asked for extra.

I would definitely stay here again!
Reception & social area of YHA Lon…
En-suite bathroom of our dorm at t…
Our 4-bed-dorm at YHA London Centr…
Our 4-bed-dorm at YHA London Centr…
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leep leep
1 reviews
Just cut the hassle of picking somewhere to stay and book here! Jul 10, 2012
This place is very clean, pretty trendy which surprised me (and not in an "adult trying to be trendy" way). The bunk bed was comfortable and sturdy with nice fresh bedding, bathroom clean (wetroom type so the water goes everywhere), lots of hot water, safe building and room. Was all good. The staff were really friendly too.

Felt like a total idiot at first, walked into the empty room, I was like, how to I show I've taken this bed?? So I left my coat on an empty one and hoped for the best - it worked out fine. The room was full, so 6 guys including me, and we pretty much kept to ourselves. There was a mixed bag which I liked, a pair from China, a couple of solo travellers, an older gentleman on his own. I was concerned about security in the room, worrying over my Da Vinci exhibition catalogue (!) and everyone else had phones left out, cameras and laptops - so that made me realise how silly I was being, but I was new to hostels. In spite of that it does make common sense not to leave those things out. Do take a padlock if you will be using the lockers in the rooms.

Excellent links to everything, its Central afterall. Although after a long day, Great Portland St. (from Oxford St.) goes on forever!
killustrations killustr…
25 reviews
Location, Location, Location May 26, 2012
The YHA in London Central is great! It's a 3 minute walk away from Oxford Circus and the tube station there! It's clean, the reception is open 24 hours a day, and it's a great place to crash.

The only thing about this place is the wifi isn't free. You have to shed a few pounds and it only works on the first floor and in the kitchen, not in the rooms.

The lockers in the rooms only fit medium sized suitcases and you need to bring your own lock.
travellitis travelli…
14 reviews
Clean, respectable can't beat the location. Feb 19, 2011
Well recommended by a good friend who stayed here. If I were a visitor to London on a budget - I would definitely choose this. YHA/HI Hostels are reputable, no nonsense and tend to be safe. Not for the party crowd - more for those who value security, decent accommodation, and professional service.

If you need to party - just step outside the door - you are in London - Party Central!
signedcutie signedcu…
12 reviews
Affordable luxury at it's best! May 03, 2010
Value: Absolutely one of the best hostels I have stayed in! It did not feel like a hostel what's so ever, felt more like staying in a shared hotel room or something.

Location: The location was great. It was either less then a 5 minute walk to the Great Portland station or just a little over 5 min walk to the main shopping area of Oxford street. Oxford street circus station was also on that street. I believe it was also within zone 1. I walked about 10 minutes from the Euston train station, the train station that I took from Scotland.

Cleanliness: They actually had full time cleaning staff. I never saw this place dirty.

Safety: This place was extremely safe. You did not get keys for this hostel, you got swipe cards. They worked both for the main hostel doors as well as your room. You did not have to pay a free for the cards; however, if you happen to have lost the cards, you only had to pay 1 pound for a replacement.

Bed: The beds were pretty comfortable. The rooms were also a good size. Some of the rooms actually had a ensuite bathroom and shower.

Loudness: I didn't really hear to much from outside the room.

The hostel had access to a kitchen, no oven though. They also had a large area where you could keep purchased food as well as many fridges to store your food.

The lobby was great. Had access to multiple computers; however, there was not free wifi. You had to pay for it, but it worked well.

The lounge also had many couches and tables to sit at if you wanted to have a bit to eat. They also had a small menu in which you could order food at a reasonable price. Also had a bar in which you could purchase drinks. Because this is a YHA hostel, you could not bring outside alcohol into the hostel.

The only disadvantage to this hostel is that it can be a little harder to meet people. However, I would encourage people to take advantage of the free walking tour that is offered through the hostel. I may a couple of people on this tour.

Overall, this is probably one of my favorite hostels I stayed at.

It is a little more expensive then most hostels, but don't forget, most hostels in London are quite expensive. The value for your money outways what you usually get in a London hostel
Sitting in the lobby of the hostel
Aurora78 says:
Hi, thanks for the recommendation. I've made my bookings at YHA and can't wait to see it myself! :)
Posted on: Apr 20, 2011
smoakes smoakes
1 reviews
Quality London Hostel Mar 27, 2009
I arrived very late on Friday night the reception was still open as it is 24 hour and the staff were very helpful. I was also able to buy a padlock as i hadnt thought about that and planned ahead but it was only £3 and is necessary for the lockers in the rooms. I was given my key and room details and told to choose a bed which was vacant. The room had 4 bunks in it and each had a locker. I chose an empty bunk and went for the bottom bunk as i had managed to drink nearly a whole bottle of wine on the train down and didnt feel like having to climb each time i had to get up for the loo in the night. Although the room was not full on the first night the following day some people left and others arrived and the room was very cramped with all 8 beds being used and 8 suitcases out being romaged through (girls just dont pack lite) however this was not for long as everyone was getting ready to move on or head out for the day. Bearing in mind how central the hostel is there was a bit of noise during the night but this did not overly disturb me as i had ear plugs which i put in when it got noisy. The room was very warm though and the first night i regretably didnt open the window but the following 2 nights the window was open adding to the noise but making the room cooler and more plesent and like i said with ear plug which are an essential for all hostels i imagine it was fine. The Cafe bar downstairs was fab i had a hot drink most mornings and the breakfast was reasonably priced as were the pininis which were only £1.50. I also had a few drinks in there on Sunday night on my own but got talking to people who were all really friendly and the drinks were also reasonably priced. The place was clean in most areas, there was a kitchen in the basement but i didnt venture in the the kitchen as i ate out all of the time i was there. There is also a laundry and baggage room in the basement, i used the baggage room which was £3 for a locker which was a must as i had my laptop and other expensive belonging with me, however when i returned to get my bags the room was absolutly packed with stuff and getting to the locker was difficult and required me to climb over dozens of cases. The bed was a little hard but not to uncomfortable and there were 2 pillows which was a bonus. Overall the stay was fantastic, the staff at the hostel were all lovely and i would definately stay here again in the future as the location is perfect for all aspects of London particularly with the tube which make everything so accessable but takes time to get your head around which line is which. My first experience of London was a few years ago and I really did not enjoy it yet this trip opened my eyes to a new world and I had so much fun I didnt want to come home.
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smoakes says:
Yeah this hostel is not like what you would expect i really enjoyed it here and cant wait to get on the road my feet are so itchy!!!
Posted on: Apr 01, 2009
aotw says:
This trip opened your eyes to a new world, your review opened my eyes to YHA hostels which I usually stay away because of their lack of fun and quite old fashion minded places and clientele. Often unfriendly and unhelpful people. (according to the all few experiences I had so far in YHA).
Posted on: Mar 31, 2009
GiovanniRuiz Giovanni…
1 reviews
Great hostel in the heart of London. Sep 11, 2008
I stayed here for 5 nights. The location is pretty good. It's on Bolsover street and about a 1/4 mile south of the Great Portland Street Exit. It's really clean, security is pretty good, and there's a hangout room downstairs in the lobby. Although the internet is pricy, the wifi is free if you take your own laptop. There is also one large plasma and two smaller ones for you to watch tv while you're relaxing after exploring London all day.
This is part of the 6 person room …
The rest of the room.
Here's the bathroom in the ensuite
This is the hangout room. To the r…
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Vikram Vikram
308 reviews
Another thumbs up for the YHA-UK team! May 14, 2008
This place really is everything it promises on the tin, I kid you not. It's very fancy, vibrant colours, very active and also very secure. The lobby is huge, done up with colourful posters on the wall with different Tube station signs and such, the reception/staff are very prompt and helpful (they have to be given it's always crowded), the kitchens are clean, the dining area is amazing (see pictures below), great bathrooms, and BEST OF ALL - the kitchen is open 24x7. So I no longer need to rely on protein bars at 5am if I had a train/flight to catch at 7am because the kitchen wasn't open for me to make myself some tea! I'm trying hard to come up with anything - any one thing that's wrong about this place but no such luck. It's THAT good! Internet acess, Wi-Fi, you name it - you got it. Nice spacious baggage store in the basement where they don't charge you (unlike Earl's Court). Breakfast can be bought for a price but because the kitchen's open 24x7, you're free to do your own thing.

The hostel is located in the heart of London. Oxford Street is about 10 minutes walk, and the nearest tube station (Great Portland St)about 5-10 minutes. Very convenient, and very safe. it has the advantage of being near the Holiday Inn, Regent's Park which has very tight security, so the whole neighbourhood seems safe.

The bedrooms are a bit small though. Not so much the beds, but the space between beds for one to move his luggage so don't take big luggages to this place, you'll have a hard time opening it once in your room.

That said, I give his hostel 5/5. I thought the St.pancras one was the best, well not any longer!
Front view of the hostel
The lobby
another view of the main lobby
Basement kitchen and dining area
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cotton_foam says:
Vik, so how far is Heathrow Airport to this hostel? And how did you get here? Did you come from the airport straight to the hostel?
Posted on: Dec 08, 2014
so_sophie so_sophie
4 reviews
great value Dec 08, 2008
I'm not sure if I qualify for giving a review, seeing as I only used the room for sleeping, but I'll write one anyway.

I stayed here with 3 friends in September. We shared a private 4 bed-room with its own bathroom. We were all really happy with it. It only took around 7 minutes to walk to oxford street, which made it really easy for us to take the tube anywhere. The street it's on is really quiet even though its central. Id really recomend it for people going on a long weekend trip to London, planning on being out as much as possible, and just needing a place to throw their bags and to sleep.

We often walked home from a night out, seeing as the hostel is so close to Soho it was not a problem at all, and it was really nice to have that little walk before we went to sleep.

The people in the reception were really nice as well, and made my first stay at a hostel very pleasant.
my friend Ingrid infront of the Ho…
being very touristy in London, inf…

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