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lauro lauro
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www.travbuddy.com May 05, 2009
Before i signed up in travbuddy, i only visited 9 countries. Of course i was keen on travelling but its hard for me to find people that i am compatible to travel with. Plus, i never occured to me that i would write all the things that happened along the way - adventures and misadventures.

travbuddy changed my life dramatically, it was amazing, it changed my life 360°. i was a member of travbuddy since 2007, travbuddy is not only a website which you can write and put pictures on your blogs bur also meet ups, but only last year i attended meet ups and became really active, that i even offered to show people who became friends my adopted hometown in germany. Then attending these fabulous, amazing - actually no words can describe it, the travbuddy meet ups, for which it brings along people from different parts of the world, to unite in one cause, no borders, no boundaries, no discrimination - for celebrating unity in diversity, for celebrating being the citizens of this world.

it is also a fun and educative way to meet people from around the world - i had been a member of so many community websites that only in travbuddy that people really meet in person! Old or young is not a problem, for age restriction is - like what i said, not a boundary for like minded people.

it is also a way to meet people who live in the countries you are planning to visit and success rate is very high! Every country that i visited and contacted travbuddies, i get 100% reply of being hosted, of being shown the sights and travel together for sometime.

but what's compelling to my experience in travbuddy, is i met really really really good friends who i can count on through thick and the thickest, they where there for me whether it be good times or bad times. I found travbuddies whom i traveled with or even by just communicating though the website, i feel that i know then and very supportive. I would not mention names anymore. But even if i did not meet some travbuddies, perhaps in the coming future, who knows?

thank you very much bjorndahls (hahaha) ok, eric and david and also to your mum, portia for creating this very informative and educational website best of al its free! The cliche is really true - the best things in life are for free! But not only that - its just, it was really amazing, i met so many people here! That these people became my friends and thats what matters most in the twilight of travelling.


*i am really sorry if i forgot some friends here!*
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Lilliana77 says:
Hahaha you ugok!! hahaahahha
Posted on: Nov 28, 2009
lauro says:
francis: thank you lol

lili: yes because you like him hahahahaa

roman: gracias :P

pearl: we havent met because we didnt?! lol haha

judy: i appreciate your comment ^_^

roger: come on! i wrote this at 3 am! hahaha

enic: now its time for you to attend tb meet ups! lol
Posted on: Nov 28, 2009
enic says:
Great words of inspiration amigo! :))
Posted on: Nov 28, 2009
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