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Wonsan city Overview

Wŏnsan is a port city and naval base that was opened by the occupying Japanese in 1880. It is located in the Kangwon Province of North Korea, on the westernmost part of the Sea of Japan (East Sea of Korea) and the capital of that province. However, before the Korean War, it was located in a province called South Hamgyong, and during that war, it was the location of the Blockade of Wonsan. The population of the city is estimated to have been 331,000 in 2000. Notable people from Wŏnsan include Kim Ki Nam, diplomat and Secretary of the Workers' Party. Economically, the city is home to several major factories.
In 2013, it was announced that Wonsan will be converted into a summer destination with resorts and entertainment.

Map of Port Lazaref
Wonsan opened as a trade port in 1880. Its original name was Wŏnsanjin (元山津), but it was also known by the Russian name of Port Lazarev (Lazaref). Under Japanese rule (1910–45) it was called Gensan (元山). In 1914 the Pyongwon Line and Gyeongwon Line railways were opened, connecting the city to Pyongyang (then known as Heijo) and Seoul (then Kyongsong). Thus, the city gradually developed into the eastern product distribution center. Under the Japanese occupation, the city was heavily industrialized and served as an import point in the distribution of trade between Korea and mainland Japan.