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Budapest, Hungary

Wizzair Budapest Reviews

EmyG EmyG
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Wizz! Jun 06, 2016
I would say that Wizzair is a standard low cost company. It has its pros and cons. Its fleet is composed of Airbuses A320 which I find really good and comfortable for low cost companies.

In my opinion, flying with Wizz is perfectly ok as long as the fare is not more than 75 - 100 euros return. For 100 - 120 euros I could find regular airlines. So anything more than this 75 - 100 euros I would cosnider a rip off. Ofc I mean flights from / to Warsaw which is located in the heart of Europe, so distances in all directions are pretty short.

So far I found Wizzair very comfortable for this price. The tickets are cheap but you can't expect anything for free. The crew offers snacks and drinks, as well as other products which makes me very mad. I hate that they walk non stop here and back asking if someone wants something. I would prefer to sleep as flying makes me sleepy, but I can’t because of them!

A lot of people complain about a legroom, or better to say about its lack. I have long legs and the leg Wizz space was fine for me. Maybe I just had luck with seats. One can always buy an extra leg space seat if wants. But since flights are short I think it is only unnecessary cost.

The biggest complaint goes to the baggage of course. You can take to the cabin only one bag. It is smaller than in other low-cost carriers, and recently they even made it smaller.

As it is a low carier, people buying ticket should know what does it mean. From my side no huge complains. I knew what Im buying before I bought the ticket.
Chopin Airport
Chopin Airport
boarding in warsaw
above Budapest!
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EmyG says:
I havent used it to fly to Eastern Europe yet but I often use it to fly to Central Europe and London Luton
Posted on: Mar 07, 2017
Interesting review here. I have flown with Wizzair several times to quite a few countries in Eastern Europe, mainly Romania and Poland.
Posted on: Mar 07, 2017
EmyG says:
I also love that they have so many routes and still opens new :D
Posted on: Feb 04, 2017
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GeorgeLeach GeorgeLe…
70 reviews
Wizzair Mar 16, 2010
Yet another low budget European carrier but one that offers very different destinations. Being a Hungarian carrier, it's not suprising that this rapidly expanding airline's area of operations is predominatly Eastern Europe. However it does offer a very good price for the distance and comfortable seating. Everything else is about the standard of Easyjet and it's practices are much the same. But for the cost, it's an excellent way to get to Europe's less explored regions.

Recommended for it's price and ability to take you where other low cost carriers aren't interested in going. After all, sometimes you want to see more than France, Spain and Italy.
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JoeriNL JoeriNL
47 reviews
Hard to miss, it's a pink and purple Airbus ;) Nov 22, 2010
It's purple and pink, and it flies, what's that? Wizzair ofcourse! Still one of my favourite budget airlines, even now they start charging for more and more things. They have many destinations to one of my favourite parts of Europe: the east :)

Easy to use website, friendly personnel, and just incredibly cheap.
Wizz Ukraine Airbus A320 on Dortmu…
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siaippsau says:
I am flying with those pinky Airbuses every day:)
Posted on: Mar 13, 2012
Napsju Napsju
15 reviews
Perfect! Nov 03, 2010
Return NRN-CLJ (Weeze-DE Cluj Napoca-RO) @ 25,96 euro per pax. A real bargain, perfectly on time and a brand new plane. Would definitely fly Wizz again.

Edit: We did. We went from Eindhoven to Sofia. (EIN-SOF). 55 euro return and perfectly on time. Very happy with Wizz.
The seat in front of me
The plane at CLJ
maplefanta maplefan…
12 reviews
Wizzair Airlines Jul 07, 2008
Having had the joy to spend an awful night at Budapest airport due to a sudden cancellation from this airlines. I have to warn about some of the worst service I ever received from an airline. No information was given on the whole evening about the condition of the flight else than the board letting us know that the flight was delayed (this despite having check-in at first and even reached the tarmac before we were brought back in) and waiting until nearing midnight (despite that our flight time of departure was 6pm) to cancel the flight, as from 11pm all the airline staff was gone for the night.

- The Ground Staff were acting rude with the passengers queries even refusing at a certain point to answer questions and turning their back at them; or to simply refuse to deal with english speaking passengers by only making conversation with Hungarians;

- The treatment given to our luggage is obviously an appalling element since the airlines simply dropped our bag in the middle of the airport lounge without even making any announcement letting the passengers know or making the handling by themselves so making sure we received our bags;

- My complaints to the airlines remained silent and it took me 5 months before receiving a single answer to my emails, in which I am denied any compensation and even answered like if the blame is on me for not having tried to re-book my ticket at a later date. This despite the fact that there was no Representative willing to deal with the passengers, that they didn't not provide us with information on how to book, when and what we should be doing. And that no phone were available to contact their call-centre (or that this call-centre was not answering their phone);

- I had to fight to receive any refreshment as usually due after 2h delay by the legislation, but still hadn't received anything after more than 3h.

- Simply receiving my money back for a service that has never existed has been a long and arduous task to which I had to make several justification and ultimately will have to wait until December 2008 before I even see the money I paid for that ticket (with no further compensation);

For all the bad service, and the definite joke on you attitude given by the airlines ground staff and employee, I would definitely recommend you to look to another company to fly with!
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