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Wissembourg Overview

Wissembourg, Wei├čenburg in German, is situated just beyond the French-German border. The history of the town is German (well, there was no Germany in those times, so let's say part of the Holy Roman Empire of the German Nation) until the late 17th century, then it became French property under King Louis XIV. Further on the government changed a couple of times. The changes of history have left their marks. Like in most of Alsace, the culture is a mix of French and German-Alsatian, although French has become the predominant language. The cuisine has adopted the best of both.

The roots of the town lie in the early middle ages with the foundation of the Benedictine monastery, a free imperial abbey with a lot of influence and wealth. Later on the town developed around the abbey.
The small old town is very well kept and its inhabitants, and its tourist marketing, have a sense of beauty and romanticism. Old houses, flowers, the little river, narrow bridges... Certain views, for example along the Lauter canal in the suburb of s'Bruch, are a downright romantic overkill.

The town is rather small, however, and the main attractions can be seen in half a day. Add time for lunch and a coffee break, a leisurely stroll and a rest on a bench on the ramparts, and you have a perfect day trip destination.

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