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Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Wild Wadi - Wild Wadi
Wild Wadi - The Jumeirah Sceirah!
Wild Wadi - Heading off up Summit Surge to Rushdown Ravine
Wild Wadi - Mark and Me on Juha's Journey (the lazy river)

Wild Wadi Dubai Reviews

raviwaghela raviwagh…
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Aug 23, 2007
Wild wadi is a water theme park and is absolutly huge.. it costs about £26 per adult for a whole day. It money well worth it.

Theres something for everyone to enjoy... A wave pool, a surf pool, various slides, a childrens play area, restaurants and many many more rides... make sure you take plent of sun cream!!..Its a must see if you visit Dubai
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mfmcp1982 mfmcp1982
36 reviews
A Cool Way to have Fun in the Sun in Dubai Jul 25, 2005
Wild Wadi is an awesome water park in Dubai. If you’re staying at the Burj al Arab or the Jumeirah Beach Hotel you get free unlimited access. For everyone else - it's pretty pricey; AED180 for adults (around £24 GBP) and AED150 for kids (£20 GBP). I think some of the hotels can get cut price tickets - we did from the Palace but I think it depends who you know!

It's very Disney like, but in an Arabic way. It's definitely not as big as somewhere like Typhoon Lagoon or Blizzard Beach in Florida, but well worth a visit.

Everyone gets a wristband which operates your locker, and which you can credit with money so it's easy to buy food, drinks or souvenirs around the park without worrying about getting cash wet or lost.

Obviously it's very hot in Dubai in the summer, so the park is a welcome escape. The only problem is the ground can get VERY hot - a lot of people were flip-flops/rubber thongs around, and hold them on rides. There is a sprinkler system which sprays about 2 inches off the ground across the path, but you can still hit a hot bit, so beware!

There's a big range of rides: there's the 33 metre high Jumeirah Sceirah, where you plummet at around 80 mph down a very steep slide, over three bumps and skid to a stop at the bottom. I've ridden it once - I was absolutely terrified! I'll admit the clasp on my bikini top really scratched my back as I went down, so I decided once was enough.

To get to the Jumeirah Sceirah you can either hike up a big flight of stairs in the heat or ride the Master Blaster. This is an uphill water roller coaster, which you ride either on a single or double ring with someone else. High speed conveyor belts propel you up hill and into pools - attendants will guide you to the appropriate tube to send you on your way. Another word of warning: if you sit deep in the tubes, your swimming shorts can get pulled down a bit with all the water - check before you stand up!

Summit Surge and Rushdown Ravine and big tube rides - about 8 people could fit in one - it's all downhill and a bit scary! You think you'll tip over the edge: but there's netting in place - obviously it's safe, but it doesn't stop you thinking how high up above a busy road you are!

There's also a HUGE lazy river called Juha's Journey, and the Flowriders. They're a sort of surf experience - I was useless and fell straight off but it looks very impressive when people manage to use it properly.

Breakers Bay is a huge wave pool, and creates pretty big swells - a very good work out if you swim against them!

There's also choreographed sound, light and water shows, which are good. For smaller children there's an area called Juha's Dhow, which has water cannons, etc. The whole area is full of sun beds, some in the full glare, and others under a mesh canopy, which is a very welcome break from the heat at times.

Food and Drink wise - there are two fast food places selling burgers, etc. There's also drink stations and ice cream stops around the park, and Ali's BBQ which has a gallery kitchen.

And as with every such park there's a gift shop. It's actually pretty good - they sell board shorts and rash shirts - a lot of people end up buying the shirts because the sun is so hot. It also sells branded souvenirs like magnets, etc, and jewellery.

The place is full to bursting with staff - there's life guards and ride supervisors all over the park. The first time I went was with my Mum - she got a bit of heat stroke and one of the staff noticed she wasn't looking so good and sat her down and was all set to administer rehydration salts but she wasn't having any of it!! She picked up after half a Bounty ice cream and went to sit in the locker room while I enjoyed the rides! So they are very attentive and definitely look out for their customers - or guests as they call you!

One thing to bear in mind is when you go. Every Thursday from April to May, between 8pm and midnight, and every Thursday from June to August between 9pm and 1am is Ladies Night. No men allowed - only boys under eight years old - they will ask for birth certificated as proof! There's also no photography allowed at those times. I'm not sure if that means ladies can wear western-style bathing suits, or if they still keep their leggings and head scarves on (yes, some women go into the water fully clothed - not the burqa but black clothes covering their whole body), but it's definitely no men.

Opening times also vary during the year - From November to February, the park is open between 11am to 6pm. While in September, October and from March to May the closing time is increased by an hour. In summer months (June, July and August) visitors can have fun till 9 pm in the evening - it's because it's pretty daft to head out into the water in the blazing heat!

It's very easy to get to Wild Wadi. All the taxi drivers know it - and most hotels can call you a club car if you want to go that way. It's basically right at the entrance to the road bridge over to the Burj Al Arab, and is also near the Madinat so you could spend the day at Wild Wadi and move to the Madinat for shopping and dinner in the evening!

It's a great place, grown ups and kids alike will have loads of fun, and it's a must do in Dubai.
Wild Wadi
The Jumeirah Sceirah!
Heading off up Summit Surge to Rus…
Mark and Me on Juha's Journey (the…
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sarahsan says:
It was pricey back then, but now it costs 250 AED!
Posted on: Nov 17, 2010

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